This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Events from 2018

Fargo Tbakhi, Arizona State University, 2018 Persuasive Speaking Event, Fargo Tbakhi

Fargo Tbakhi, Arizona State University, 2018 Prose Interpretation Event, Fargo Tbakhi


Copula Theory and Regression Analysis, Mayooran Thevaraja


Manufacturing a Composite Wheel Prototype Using 3D Printed Molds, Steven Thuening


Assessing the Relationship Between Parenting Styles and Dietary Behaviors Among Young Adults, Breanna Tofteland

Abbey Toye, Arizona State University, 2018 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Abbey Toye


Home-based Primary Care: Impact on Cost and Patient Satisfaction, Sarah R. Tupper


African-Centered Pedagogy: Exploring Black Male Identity and Achievement through an African-Centered Lens, Kenneth Turner Jr.

What Happens When a Museum Does not Have Ownership of Abandoned Collections?, Hallie Uhrich


Hallie Uhrich Honors Portfolio, Hallie Maria Uhrich


2018 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato


Don’t Get Lost in Translation: A Discussion of Best Practices for Creating Translation-Friendly Text and Related Curriculum for Technical Communication, Adrienne Urban

Knowledge on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), Rachel Uwimbabazi and Shreya Koirala

Syphilis in Osteological Research, Rachael Elizabeth Vang


Effects of Integrated and Independent Speaking Tasks on Learners' Interactional Performance, Yen Vo

Computational Analysis of Adduct Formation Between Benzaldehyde Derivatives and DNA, Ekaterina Voytsekhovskaya

Improving Students’ Writing Skills By Providing Choice and Performance Feedback, Shelby Vukich and Madison Jewell


The Symbolic U.S. Dollar: An Exploration of Transforming Meanings, Dylann Ward

Designing and Building an Effective Muffler for FSAE, Samuel Wariari

Asha Wasuge, Western Kentucky University, 2018 Poetry Interpretation Event, Asha Wasuge


Millennials Expect Less and More: Workplace Writing for Today's Workforce, Gina Weber

Jim Welty, George Mason University, 2018 Informative Speaking Event, Jim Welty

Jim Welty, George Mason University, 2018 Persuasive Speaking Event, Jim Welty

Qualitative Rubric Scores and Grammatical Complexity in Language Samples, Brittany Wickoren, Ashley Schaefer, and Emma Laudenbach


Cognitive Load Theory: Applications in Medical Education, Adam W. Wissman

Rearrangement of Cell-Cell Junctions in Metastatic Cells, Mahala Wolff and Lauryn Hardt

Arachidonic Acid and Oxidation in the Myosin II Motor Domain, Kellie Wong


Kellie Wong Honors Portfolio, Kellie Marie Wong

Low Energy Bluetooth Inter-Node Communication Schemes via Randomized Reconfiguration, Chengtao Xu

Power Line Communication Input Impedance Adjustment via Network Load Measurements, Shuai Yang

The Relationship Between Quality of Life and Physical Activity, Liya Yemiru

The Romani: Death and Mortuary Practices, Samantha Zahn-Hiepler


Productive Paddles and Productive Power: An Exploration of Transgender Individuals' Negotiation of Identity Through BDSM Practices, Riley Zahn

Beginning Readers and the Impact of Recreation on Literacy Growth, Kylie Zellmann and Angela Tell

Events from 2017

Seasonal Variations in the Dorsolateral and Medial Cortex, the Reptilian Hippocampus Homologue, Abdiasis Abdilahi

Examining the Aqueous Outflow in c57BL6 Mouse Eyes Using Scanning Electron Microscopy, Prathibha Bamunu Achchi

The Promotion of Body Positivity in Ballet, Claire Achen


Success in Learning Groups: Where have we been? And Where are we going?, Tiffany Michelle Ackerman

Volume of Parasite Tissue Relative to the Volume of Host Tissue in Infected Snails, Ashley Adam and Emily Jones


Rasheed Al-Arami Honors Portfolio, Rasheed Ahmed Abdurabu Al-Arami


Sarah Aldrich Honors Portfolio, Sarah Anne Aldrich

MicroRNA Expression in Maize Roots Under Nitrate Starvation Conditions, Derek Anderson


Social Media Writing in Nonprofit Organizations and Technical Communication, Timothy Anderson

The Rise of the Cosmic Dance Among the Renaissance Nobility, Alyssa Anthony


Exploring NNESTs’ Beliefs and Identities: A Case Study of Japanese EFL High School Teachers, Ryosuke Aoyama

The History and Construction of the Ballet Tutu, Julia Armstrong


Impact of Caregiver Depression on Health of Family Caregivers of Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease, Poonam Aryal

The Effect of Culture Medium Surfactants on Cytometric Analysis of Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis, Rachel Ascheman

Using Total Protein Stain as a Loading Control for Western Blot Analysis of SOD2, Nicole Bean

An Analysis of Impacts on Health Education and Health Promotion Professors' Ratings, Jessica Beetch

Isomorphous Replacements and Crystal Structure of Pb(-x)CaxNa2(VO4)6 Solid Solutions, Aynura Berdyyeva

Ballet: Social Dance or Social Control?, Autumn Bornholdt

Children's Book, Natalia Bornholdt

Modular Construction Utilization in the Healthcare Industry, Andrew Bortolotti

Fuel Pressure and Engine Output, Nicholas Bottoms

Locating Unexploded Bombs in Conflict Landscapes Using Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis: A German Case Study from World War II, Anna Brand

History and Revitalization of the Hawaiian Language, Shannon Bruce

Saving Sylvia: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Genius, Gender, and Madness, Cimarron S. Burt


The Effect of Clinician Competence and Religiosity on the Trainee Clinician’s Ability to Identify Problematic Sexual Behavior, Cody Butcher


Remote Sensing of World War II Era Unexploded Bombs Using Object-Based Image Analysis and Multi-Temporal Datasets: A Case Study of the Fort Myers Bombing and Gunnery Range, Bryan Byholm


Assiduous Adaptation, Shelley Therese Caldwell

Construction Waste Management, Connor Campbell


Library Communication with the Distance Learning Student: A Literature Review, Liliana Cano


Imágenes fragmentadas y alucinantes: Encuentros iconotextuales y diálogos extraordinarios hispano/a/mericanos, Sandra Lucia Castaneda Medina

Effects of Abiotic Stress on miR393 in Soy Bean Plants, Derick Che

Integration of Movement with Literacy Invervention: Outcomes of Three Children with Dyslexia, Cortney Chelmo and Erin Krenik

Improving Speech Recognition for Interviews with Both Clean and Telephone Speech, Sung Choi


Improving Speech Recognition for Interviews with both Clean and Telephone Speech, Sung Woo Choi

Developing Hops Extraction Method for Brewing, Anh Cong

miR160 and 167 and their Target mRNAs, Patrick Connolly


Protective Effect of Beta-Sitosterol against Ethanol Toxemia, Dakota Cooper and April Boucher-Zamzo

Protective Effect of Beta-Sitosterol Against Ethanol Toxemia, Dakota Cooper and April Boucher-Zamzo


Food Insecurity in Higher Education: Awareness and Response, Rudy Correa

Survival of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus on Fomites, Rudy Correa and Mutma Inna

Genesis of the Magenta Zone, NorthMet Copper-Nickel-PGE Deposit, Minnesota, Daniel Crane and Cole Huggins


Blurred Intersections: The Anti-Black, Islamophobic Dimensions of CVE Surveillance, Zeinab A. Dahir

Clergy Curricula Burnout Assessment, Seth Dahle

Psychological Distress: Transitioning Patients from Survivorship to the New Normal, Leslie M. Darmofal

Rubric Scoring with Language Samples, Audrey Davies, Kaela Delperdang, and Diane Meyer

Perceptions of Kichwa, Mikayla Denney

Advancing Healthcare Quality for People on the Autism Spectrum, Carrie Dickson

Effect of a Literacy Intervention on Word-Level Skills for a 5th Grader with Dyslexia, Danielle Diggan and Danielle Barr

Effects of STEAM Play at a Children's Museum, Ellen Dobbins, Correy Steffen, and Ella Silver

Evaluation of Online Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Support Groups, Chelsea Dolezal, Courtney Simonette, and Sydney Orr

2017 Hydrogen Research Project, Joseph Doroff and Grant Stoos


Drag Performance and Femininity: Redefining Drag Culture through Identity Performance of Transgender Women Drag Queens, Cristy Dougherty

Increase in Nutritional and Wellness Research: Challenging the Hyper-Thin Female Dancer, Rachel Dreist

2017 Student Film Showcase, Dennis Durst, Monika Antonelli, Brandon Deutsch, Matthew Eberline, Andrew Grabowska, Rachael Jaeger, Joshua Koimene, Nathan Lustig, Alex MacDonald, Ryan Neil, Thomas Ong, Corbin Peterson, Austin Schaub, Kevin Sullivan, Cooper Anderson, Taylor Diedrich, Tyler Mammen, Landen Parkin, Anthony Peregrin, Ruon Tut, and Bruce Wenzel


Comparison between Mexican and American Parentese: A Qualitative Case Study, Elayna S. Dyke


Developing the Family Involvement Questionnaire (FIQ): A Measure of Family Involvement in the Lives of Residents at Long-Term Care Facilities, Christopher Thomas Fast

Escherichia coli (E. coli) Impairment in Minneopa Creek, Caitlin Flynn and Melissa Jones

Communication Through Dance: A Deeper Look into the way Movement is Used to Communicate, Makayla Foertsch


Best Practices for Self-Service: Taking Account of User Input on Self-Service Technology, Jerrod Foley

Characterization of Brewer's Yeast Strains by Carbon Source Utilization and Flow Cytometry, Megan Ford

Survey of Gastrointestinal Parasites Found in Muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus) Collected from Lakes in Southern Minnesota, Bree Friedman and Kayla VanBeck


The Effects of Linoleic Acid on Rubidium Uptake by Sodium Potassium Pumps in Rat Myocardial Cells, Mohammed Ahmed Gaafarelkhalifa


The Black Press in Minnesota During World War I, Alejandra Galvan

The Black Press in Minnesota During World War I, Alejandra Galvan


Design and Validation of a Low Cost High Speed Atomic Force Microscope, Michael Ganzer and Tien Pham

Design and Validation of a Low Cost High Speed Atomic Force Microscope, Michael Ganzer and Tien Pham