This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Events from 2017

Induced Natriuresis on Spontaneously Hypertensive Female Rats, Okhumhekho Kassim and Jill Knepprath


Tyler Keller Honors Portfolio, Tyler James Keller

Story Re-Tell Abilities of Bilingual Elementary Students in the Midwest, Asha Khalif

Exploring Reactions Between Substituted-Aromatic Aldehydes and Guanosine, Dahye Kim


A Survey Of Rewards For Teens: Extension, Replication, and 25-year Follow-up, Hunter King

Academic and Non-Academic Stress of College Students Enrolled in Physical Activity Classes, Lauren Kizlik and Kristin Nassen

Turbocharger Selection Using Live Data on a Single Cylinder Engine, Ethan Klaphake

Sampled College Students' Attitudes Toward the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL), Krystal Klicka

Do Beliefs about Deception Influence Accuracy? A Study of Lie Detection, Brooke Klontz


Death 2.0: Facebook Memorial Pages, Sara Marie Koktan

Martha Graham: A Structural Functionalist, Bethany Koshak


Student’s Oral Health Knowledge, Oral Health Practices, and Their Susceptibility to Oral Health Diseases at a Midwestern University, Mouhamed Koubaytari


The Effects of Fiber Orientation and Volume Fraction of Fiber on Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Composite Material, Suresh Chandra Kuchipudi

The Stigma of Sex Work and Criminalization: Its Impact on Victim Blame and Empathy, Elliott Kunerth and Kelsi Pettit

Counteraction of APOBEC3A by SIV Sooty Mangabey Proteins, Ryan Leba


Selection Portfolio: Applying Modern Portfolio Theory to Personnel Selection, Eric Leingang

Assessing Knowledge of Alzheimer's Disease in Younger and Older Adults, Abbey Linderholm

Methicillin Resistance in Staphylococci Isolated From Healthy College Students, Kelsey Linnell


"Can We Clean Their Guns for Em'?" Frame Analysis of Media Coverage Surrounding the Killing of African Americans by Police, a Comparison of four U.S. and International News Sources, Jeffrey Longhurst

MS4 on Minnesota State University, Mankato, Juan Lopez

Severe Aphasia Life Participation, Jordyn Ludemann and Heather Tyler

Writing Probes Assessed Using Four Curriculum-Based Scoring Procedures, Ashlee Lundberg and Carrington Riss

Formula SAE Shock Dynamometer, Brandon Lyzhoft

A Comparison of Hospital Reports and Past Media Reports on the Living Conditions and Treatment of Patients at Minnesota’s First Hospital for the Insane, Jordan Maciej

Cyberbullying: Coping Strategies in Elementary and High School Students, Jenna Macziewski


Study of Stability and Thermal Conductivity of Nanoparticles in Propylene Glycol, Sumit Mahajan


Katelynn Malecha Honors Portfolio, Katelynn Louise Malecha


Allison Maleska Honors Portfolio, Allison Spanier Maleska

Emergency Room Utilization for Patients with Co-Conditions of Memory Loss and Cardiac Disease: A Family Nursing Opportunity, Megan Matthews

Ball-Wheeled RC Car, Isaac Matzke, Lucas Speer, and Michael Tonsager


The Hogan Development Survey: Personality in Selecting and Training Aviation Pilots, Jenna McChesney

The Influence of Personality on Deception Detection Ability, Natosha McClain

Cognitive Intervention in a College-Aged Student with Learning Disabilites, Kellie Metzger and Monique LaFontaine

Surface Decoration of Ceramics, Sarah Meyer


Cold-Climate Adaptation in the Five-Lined Skink: A Common-Environment Experiment, Madeline Michels-Boyce

Validating Instructional Hierarchy, Josie Mikosch


2017 Minnesota Undergraduate Scholars Posters at St. Paul Abstract Booklet, Minnesota Undergraduate Scholars

Quantifying Cochlear Nerve Myelination in Mice Lacking Thyroid Hormone Transporters, Natalie Moses


Natalie Moses Honors Porfolio, Natalie Marie Moses

Survival Analysis of Cardiovascular Diseases with an Extension to Competing Risks, Biko Jumba Mulera


Avian and Pandemic Influenza Knowledge and Risk Perception in Southern Minnesota, Holly Munch


The Influence of Historical Processes of Haiti and Japan on the Effects of the Earthquakes, Shoko Nakamura

Characteristics of Psychedelics Users in the U.S., Logan Neitzke-Spruill

Binge Drinking: Not Just an American Phenomenon and How the United Kingdom and Ireland Address It, Penelope Nelson


A Stylistic Analysis Using Multivariate Statistics of Oneota Pottery from the Upper Mississippi, Blue Earth, and St. Croix River Valleys, Michelle Neumann

Investigation of Metacognitive, Motivational and Self-Efficacy Influences on the Performance of Undergraduate Introductory Non-Major Biological Sciences Students, Rachel Newinski


Designing a Luminescence Assay to Measure In Vitro Binding of the Fibronectin Attachment Protein (FAP) of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis to Fibronectin, Sirri Ngwa

Footstep Power Generation, Nibrasul Karim Nibras, Sampath Senanayakalage, and Justin Shaffer

Defying Gender Norms in Romantic Ballet, Regan O'Connor

The Black Ballerina: Race and American Ballet, Abigail Okoneski

The Role of Legal Tender on Risk Premium in Retail Business, Tawakalitu Olanigbogbo

Modular Construction Innovation, Chase Olson


Muna Omar Honors Portfolio, Muna M. Omar


Evaluating a Measure of Student Effectiveness in an Undergraduate Psychology Program, Colin Omori


Lean Implementation Through Process Automation, OluSola Onadipe Jr.

Effectiveness of Lumosity vs. Well Known Memory Techniques on Memory Tasks and Perceptions, Rebecca Osborn, Ethan Wynia, and Faithe Patrick

Oxidation Effects the Myosin Motor Domain Function and Structure, Rachel Ott


Pedagogy, Partnership, and Practice: Challenges and Opportunities through Service-Learning, Matthew Aaron Pajunen

Evidence of a Myth, Rylie Palo


Multilingual Writers’ Perceptions and Use of L1 in a U.S. Composition Class: A Case Study of Nepalese Students, Shyam Bahadur Pandey

Exploratory Study of First Grader's Language Development in Correlation with their Socioeconomics Status, Kendra Patton and Hannah Stapenek


Preconception Health Knowledge among Undergraduate Women, Ashley Mae Paulsen


Steroidogenesis in the Green Anole Lizard Brain and Gonad, Christine Peek


Rhetoric of Typography: Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Typefaces for Technical and Visual Communication, Michael Peterson


Stephanie Peterson Honors Portfolio, Stephanie Rose Peterson

The Effect of Employee Satisfaction on Job Performance, Klarissa Pierce

Treatment and Analysis of Glacial Sediments Using Low-precision Instrumentation, Christian Piper


Evaluation of a Mindfulness Intervention for Children with Emotion Regulation Difficulties, Stephanie Jo Pirsig

A Corseted World: How this Binding Undergarment Affected a Dancer's Body, Abby Pleiss

Electric Formula, Terry Porta, Christian Kelm, David Kutschke, and Justin Byers


Thermal Analysis of 3D Printed 420 Stainless Steel, Adithya Pothuri

Gamma Radiation Effects on the Mortality and Fertility Rates of Drosophila Melanogaster, Wyatt Pouliot, Curran Couchman, Jacob Bukkila, and Nicholas Miller


Participant Self-Assessment of Development Center Performance, Ryan Powley

The Effect of Sweeteners on the Expression of Superoxide Dismutase Isoforms, Natalie Prak


Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Current Mind-Body Practices and Perceptions of Undergraduate Students, Julia Ann Marie Putz

Effects of Cardiac Arrhythmic Mutant D95V on Calmodulin Structure and Stability, Jacob Rachuy

Evaluating the Educational Potential of iPad Math Applications, Jannine Ray and RaeLynn Lamminen

Analysis of Amygdala Morphology and Neurogenesis in Green Anole Lizard in Breeding Versus Non-Breeding Season, Jaden Roddick and Abodalrahman Algamdy

Reflection about One Educator’s Experience of Culturally Responsive Instruction of One Child on the Autism Disorder Spectrum, Elizabeth Rossow


What Traits are Learned?: Determining the Levels of Argumentativeness and Verbal Aggressiveness in Competitive Parliamentary Debate, Lisa Leigh Roth

Mineralization and Structural Anatomy of Bone from Male C57/BL6 Mice with Reduced Testosterone Levels, Katie Rubitschung

Structural Characterization of Carbonaceous Meteorites by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy, Donald Rudquist

Effect of Binder Saturation and Sintering on Stainless Steel - Hydroxyapatite Biocomposite Manufactured by 3D Printing, John Ruprecht

The Birch Coulee Battlefield: Examining Changing Native Representation in the U.S. – Dakota Conflict, Bethany Ryhkus


“Let’s be clear”: Exploring the Role of Transparency Within the Organization, Maxwell Salazar


Screen Time and Sleep Condition among Selected College Students, Angela Lynn Sargent


Measures of Alienation from Work Process in Academic Libraries in the Information Age, Zorian M. Sasyk


Technical Direction of Frankenstein 1930, Isaac Sawle


Perceptions of Students With and Without Limited Formal Schooling, Sarah Schmidt de Carranza

E-Plane Substrate Integrated Waveguide Reflector Antenna, Adam Schultz


Agricultural Land Use, Watershed Characteristics, and Hydrological Forces Contributing to the Impairment of a Shallow Lake in the Western Corn Belt Ecoregion, Lynn Schultz


Parker Scott Honor Portfolio, Parker Steven Scott

Efficiency of an Inlet Restricted Engine, Joshua Seaver

5th Grade Language Sample, Allison Seeman, Eden Schwahn, and Sydney Loomis


The Making of a Virtual Monster: Ideological Criticism on the ISIS Hate and Extremism, Md Shah Jahan


Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development for an Optical Communication Simulator, Sratsav Ram Shrestha

Stress Perceptions and Management Methods Amongst University Students, Courtney Sill


Jonathan W. Smith Honor Portfolio, Jonathan William Smith

The Effects of Personality on Second Language Learning, Kayla Smith


Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Characteristics and How Social Support Plays a Role, Stephanie Smith-Kellen