This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Theses/Dissertations from 2016


Development and Evaluation of a Habitat Suitability Model for White-tailed Deer in an Agricultural Landscape, Eric Anstedt


Why Has Plan Implementation Been Ineffective in Ghana? A Case Study of Planning in Kwabre East District Assembly and Offinso Municipal Assembly, Gabriel Appiah


Body Memory, Juana Cecilia Arias

Radiation Dose Characterization of 400 KeV Heavy Ion Beam, Scott Arneson, Donald Rudquist, Evan Koehler, Morgan O'Brien, and Wyatt Pouliot

Precast vs. Cast-In-Place Wall Substructure, Nicholas Asmus, Brady Munroe, Bryce Duncan, Justin Knutson, and Ahmed Al Rukhami

Rethinking Kwame Nkrumah's Pan-Africanism and its Legacies in Post-Colonial Africa, Nana Afua Asong-Morfaw

The Effects of a Rhythm Intervention on the Early Literacy Development: A Single Subject Design Experiment, Alexis Bachmann

Methods for Characterization of Carbonaceous Meteorites, Brandon Baer


The Effect of an Email Intervention Tailored to Highly Ambitious Students on University Retention, Lauren Bahls

Effect of Bilingual Cognitive Intervention on Literacy Skills: A Single Subject Design Study, Danielle Barr, Kristina Hanson, Kellie Metzger, and Kortni Thompson

Genetic & Morphological Description of Echinostomatids taken from Waterfowl at Lake Winnibigoshish, Minnesota, Dana Bennett

Monumental Architecture: The Nazi Rally Grounds, Hunter Berbrich and Scott Parker

Structural Dynamics of Myosin's Force-Generating Domain with Drug Inhibitor Blebbistatin, Amanda Bernarde


A Cross-sectional Study on Patients' Access to Healthcare in a Developing Nation, Pawan Bhandari

Seasonal Effects on Kisspeptin Concentration in the Green Anole Lizard, Anolis carolinensis, Nicholas Booker and Hyejoo Kang

The Effects of Gasoline Prices on Alcohol Related Incidents, Katie Boswell

Morphological and Genetic Characteristics of Strigeidae Trematodes In Waterfowl from Lake Winnibogoshish, Minnesota, Stephanie Botros and Rachel Eiler


Cleaning up Minnesota's Archeological Record with MAID: The Minnesota Archeological Integrated Database, Andrew Allen Brown

Substrate Integrated E-Plane Waveguide, Nicholas Buchanan


Physics Comic Book: A Classroom Resource for Engaging Students, Jacob Bukkila


Missing Voices: Journeys of Pre-Service Teacher Candidates and Graduates of Color in a Predominantly White Teacher Education Program, Robbie R. Burnett


A Dramaturgical Analysis of The Miracle Worker, Abby Butzer


North Minneapolis Residents' Knowledge and Awareness of Indoor Air Quality in Older Residences, Blisse Marie Cajacob


La actitud estoica como táctica de subversión y reconstrucción de la identidad femenina en tres novelas de Piedad Bonnett y Laura Restrepo, Deisy Esperanza Cañón

Weathering and Trauma on Bone, Marie Cato


House of God: MA Thesis, Michael James Cimino


IT Centralization and the Innovation Value Chain in Higher Education: A Study for Promoting Key Innovations Through Innovation Management and Organizational Design, Edmund Udaya Clark

Dating Without Devices, Steven Clark, Mallory Spier, and Megan Yerhot

Catalyst Metal Nanoparticle Size Study Using Atomic Force Microscopy, Jonathan Cody, James Adams, Daniel Fleming, and Aldo Kusnardi

2D Electrophoresis Analysis of Environmentally Stressed Soybean Plants, Ryan Colakovic

Point Mutation D129G and Calmodulin's Effect of Protein Stability and Structure and its Link to CPVT, Jacob Conway


Asking Questions to Get Answers, Alexis Danielle Cummings

College Students' Resource Choices for STI and Pregnancy Prevention, Shaina Daleiden, Britta Higginbotham, Taylor Besse, and Crystal Burger

Seasonal Variation in the Dorsolateral and Medial Cortex of Green Anole Lizards, Amber Day and Abdi Abdilahi

War Economics - An Examination of World's Countries and their Military Expenditure, Franziska Deeg


911,What's My Emergency? Emotional Labor, Work-Related Rumination, and Strain Outcomes in Emergency Medical Dispatchers, Jessica Lee Deselms


Study of Role of Meniscus and Viscous Forces During Liquid-Mediated Contacts Separation, Prabin Dhital

PHYSICAL/VISUAL: Translating Martial Arts to Gallery Arts, Katelyn Dick


Impact of Stigma on Attitudes towards Seeking Professional Psychological Help for Depression, Anna Marie Dierks


Parent Participation in Child Therapeutic Settings, Robert Doss

Lakota People: Wounded on Their Own Homeland, Kristine Dunnum and Madison Wittenburg

Effect of Abiotic Stress on the Expression of Auxin Signaling F-Box 2 mRNA, Dane Dusek

Increasing Mobility and Balance: The beneficial Effects of Treadling in Elderly Women, Shyler Egan, Joseph Putz, and Anna Leloux


The Impact of Pornography on the Genital Body Image and Sexual Self-Efficacy of Female College Students, Monica Elizondo

The Use of Elements of Modern Art in the Work of Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Marilyn Evenmo

Spinning Charlotte's Web: The Intersectional System of Meat, Cancer, and Capitalism, Ashley Flaherty

Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson and the Role of Women in Post-Colonial African Politics, Aaaron Flomo


Fruit and Vegetable Availability, Nutrition Education and Access Amongst Food Pantries in California, Maine, Mississippi and South Dakota, Sarah L. Fowler

The Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Decomposition of Sagebrush Litter Collected Along an Altitudinal Gradient, Philip Fraley

Equal, but Different: Science Communication Impact on Beliefs of Sex Differences in the Brain, Laura Fry


An Analysis of Reinforcers Maintaining Caregiving Behaviors of Long-Term Care Facility Staff, Sandra Garcia


Impression Management Strategies of College Professors with Disabilities, Chelsie Gaspar


Can You Hack It? Validating Predictors for IT Boot Camps, Courtney Gear


"Get Tough on Juvenile Criminals": An Assessment of Punitiveness and Punitive Attitudes, Richard Charles Gehrke

Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies for Pre-Service Teachers, Katherine Gibson, Amanda Roche, and Patrick McCarthy


An Analysis of Western Medicine Mistrust Among Selected African Immigrant Women in Minnesota, Wanjiru Julie Gicheru


Cognitive Complexity, Mindfulness, and Reflection in Mental Health Professionals, Dharshini Goonetilleke


Jasmine Greenwaldt: Continuum, Jasmine Elise Greenwaldt

β-Lactam Resistance in Staphylococcus Species Isolated from Students, Laurie Grund


Land Cover Mapping and Change Analysis at the Tensleep Preserve in Wyoming, Tyler Richard Grupa

Managing Processes Used by Families during the Chronic Illness Experience, Rhianna Gwilt

Effectiveness of Spending and Median Household Income on Education, Clint Haala

Non-Genotoxic Human APOBEC3A, Jessica Hadler

Truthfulness and Deception: How Do People Tell the Difference?, Katelyn Hakinson and Megan Lahti

How Different Measures Affect Cognitive Ability in People with Aphasia, Kristina Hanson and Jade Mussehl

"Reality" TV: Portrayals of Labor and Birth in a Mainstream Reality Series One Born Every Minute, Kyrsten Harper, Rebecca Rand, Lauren Sobotta, and Nicole Soley

Biocompatibility of Hydroxyapatite and Stainless Steel Alloys, Mehedi Hasan and Clenten Ndonwie


Impact of Coaching Feedback on Cultural Competency of Undergraduate Students at MSU, Mankato, Jordan Hassemer and Arinn DiSalvo

Impact of Coaching Feedback on Cultural Competency of Undergraduate Students at MSU, Mankato, Jordan Hassemer, Arinn DiSalvo, Kwame Opoku Akyeampong, and Chloe Nicol


Intervention E-mails and Retention: How E-mails Tailored to Personality Impact an Undergraduate Student's Decision to Return to School or Not, John Kelly Heffernon

Media’s Depiction of the Black Lives Matter Activism, Paige Heinrich, Janelle Brown, Matthew Danielson, and Courtney Fisher

Comparison of Cognitive Abilities with Left Versus Right Hemisphere Brain Damage, Michele Hoerdt


The Concept of Substrate Integrated E-plane Waveguide and Circuits, Danyang Huang

Formula Society of Automotive Engineers Injector Flow, Olumide Ige

The Impact of Aging on the Fertility of Eisenia Fetida (Earthworm), Uyi Imasuen and Boluwatife Gbadebo

Examining Empirical Evidence to Conceptualize the Family Anxiety Construct, Mara Irmiter

Cultural Competency of Military Veterans: A Literature Review, Joe Itoh


An Investigation into Native and Non Native English Speaking Instructors' Assessment of University ESL Student's Oral Presentation, Rubaiyat Jabeen


Impact of Community-Based Creative Arts Programs on Youth, Kasey Jacques, John Seipel, Nyairah Abdullah, and Trelijah Miller


Impact of Creative Arts on At-Risk Youth, Kasey Jacques, John Seipel, Nyairah Abdullah, and Trelijah Miller


A Measure Theoretic Approach to Problems of Number Theory with Applications to the Proof of the Prime Number Theorem, Russell Lee Jahn

Streptomyces Tolerance to Alkaline Conditions and Production of Calcite, Kaddijatou Jallow and Ali Oku

FSAE Tubular Frame Torsional Stiffness to Weight Research, Joe Jaspers and Steven Thuening

Viennese Coffeehouses: Memorials to a Bygone Area, Marielle Jenquin


A 2X2 Polarization Switchable Patch Antenna Array For Polarization Modulation, Pengfei Ji

Using In-situ Hybridization to Localize FAM171B Expression, Brooke Jones


Mental Health of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Heterosexual, and Questioning Youth in Rural, Micropolitian, and Metropolitan Regions in Minnesota: Assessing Internalizing and Externalizing Self-report Behaviors, Jessica Louann Jorgenson


Spirituality in Higher Education: A Narrative Analysis of Its Use for Decision-Making, Jeffrey Francis Judge

Choice Intervention on Writing Performance, Erin Kahnke and Carrington Riss

Studying the Structure and Stability of F141L Calmodulin Mutant in the Assessment of Cardiac Related Complications, Drew Kampmeyer


Minnesota Collaborative Agreement: Potential for Dental Hygienists to Increase Direct Access for Underserved Populations, Rachel Jane Kashani-Legler

Comparative Trematode Biota of Healthy Waterbirds Harvested from Lake Winnibigoshish Minnesota, Oklumhekho Kassim

The Reichstag in Berlin: Self-Representation of a New Germany, Mikayla Keener


Final Project, Tyler Keller

A Critical Analysis of Sexual Education and the Benefits of Including Pleasure within Sexual Education Curriculum, Samantha Kerr, Hannah Comer, Danielle Gamble, Alexandra Olson, and Liberty Lough

The Story Telling Abilities of Bilingual Elementary Students in the Midwest, Aisha Khalif and Bethany Bishop


A Wavelet Transform Module for a Speech Recognition Virtual Machine, Euisung Kim


Representing Autistic Masculinity: Hegemonic Gender Performances in Contemporary Autism Films, James Samuel Kizer

Effective Paraprofessional Implementation of Reading Fluency Intervention, Krystal Klement


The Enforcement of the 2008 Decree on General Public Procurement Procedures and Service Delegation in Burkina Faso: Its Influence on the Management System, Kouliga Koala