Events from 2011

Death Penalty Comparison Study of China and the U.S., Michael Thielen, Nadia Sultana, Michael Tilton, and Alisha Wakefield

Life Cycles and Order, Hope Thier


Using Peer Review to Promote Writing Development in ESL Classes, Dira Thokwane


Empathy of Nurses and Family Needs in the Intensive Care Unit, Jolene Marie Tietz

Causes for Child Abandonment in Eighteenth-Century France, Emily Timm


Housing with Support Marketing Study Tool, Gary M. Travis


Evaluation of Greater Mankato Area United Way's Annual Allocations Process from the Partner Agencies' Perspective, Erin A. Trytten

Using Logistic Regression Model to Analyze Student Satisfaction Data, Amanuel Tsegaye


Development of an Assessment Center as a Selection Method for I/O Graduate Applicants, Ting Tseng


Change in Cultural Competency among Students During an Intentional Human Relations Experience (EEC 222W), Samantha Tupy and Camille McNabb

Common Conflict - Creative Performance Research, Elizabeth A. Ulseth


2011 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato


Kindred and A Canticle for Leibowitz as Palimpsestic Novels, Sue Vander Hook

Prospective Mothers' Awareness and Knowledge of Environmental Impacts Upon Pregnancy, Amanda M. Vang

Effect of Water and Methanol Extracts of Common Buckthorn Berries on the Germination and Growth of Lettuce and Native Grass Seeds, Jordy Veit

Mathematical Modeling of Vehicular Carbon Emissions, Evan Vidden and Jin-ho Yun

Network Propagation and Related Algorithms, Joe Wagner

Effect of Increased Water Temperature on Warm Water Fish Feeding Behavior and Habitat Use, Eric M. Walberg


Motivational Interviewing Training And Provider Proficiency, Jeremy Jay Waldo

Reasons for Insanity and Admission to Insane Asylums in Late 1800s Minnesota, Casandra Warman


Diversity Within Bachelor of Social Work Programs: Perspectives and Interventions, Brian Warner


Improving Communication and Team Cohesion in a Long Term Care Facility, Jen Watson


Investigation into the Potential Use of Windbreaks to Improve Solar Collector Performance, Michael Watts

Identification and Stability of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Complexes Involving Heavy Metals, Ciprofloxacin, and Phenolic Degradation Products: Relevance in Ground and Waster Water Systems, Indumini A. Weeramantri


The Power of Service Work: Developing a Consumer Volunteer Program for the House of Hope, Inc., Darcy Wennes


Analysis of the Genetic Structure of Bithynia tentaculata Snail Populations in Wisconsin and Minnesota, Sarah J. Whalen

Laboratory Exercise Demonstrating Systematic Error in Instrumental Analyses: Aberrant Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy of Cadmium, Derek Whitaker

Effects of Extracts of Alternative Chinese Herbal Pain Medicines on Nerve Conduction, Daniel Widman

The Horrors of Frankenstein, David Wild

Assessment of Hand Hygiene Habits of Employees in an Adult Day Care Center, David P. Wilson

Recovery from Work-Related Strain: The Influence of Technology Use and Proactive Personality, Kate Wilson


Characteristics of Patients Admitted with Alcohol Related Traumatic Injuries, Jessica Wolf


Best Practices of a Social Worker's Role in Supporting Family Caregivers Enrolled in Hospice Care, Jessie Wolf


Hiking, Haiku, or Happy Hour After Hours: The Effects of Need Satisfaction and Proactive Personality on the Recovery-Strain Relationship, Paige Woodruff


Exploring the Antecedents of Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Knowledge-based Virtual Communities, Luman Yong

Isomorphous Substitutions of Calcium by Dysprosium in the Structure of Synthetic Vanadate Apatite, Jin-Ho Yun

Research and Testing of Emissions Reductions and Fuel Economy for a Small On-Road Diesel Engine in a Hybrid Vehicle, Zach Zurbey, Steve Loewen, and Timothy Werts

Events from 2010

Teaching Critical Sociology: The Consequences of Pursuing a Critical Pedagogy, Abdihakin Abdi

Lyric Analysis: Expressed Perceptions Regarding Four Health Risk Behaviors, Using the Health Belief Model, Sagal Abdirahman

Race and Religion Relating to Helping Behaviors, Sahra Ahmed


Evidence-Based Programs that Address Social Emotional Learning in an Early Childhood Setting, Jihan Ali

How Does Society View Child Protection Services, Past and Present?, Hallie Anderson


Teacher Training for the Implementation of the Incredible Years at GFW Elementary School, Karen J. Appel


A Descriptive Analysis of Bookings in Sibley County Jail Between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009, DeAnna Aufderheide


Computer Based Training: Understanding Schizophrenia, Elli Marie Bach

Are Home and Community Based Providers contracted with Blue Earth County Public Health Satisfied with Communication between their Agency and BEC PH?, Samantha Barnett

Evaluating Social and Emotional Learning in High School Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders, Ryan Barnhart

Special Matrices and Their Properties, Brian Barthel

Beowulf: God, Men and Monsters, Emily Bartz

Inhabition of Cattail Germination by Interspecific and Intraspecific Cattail Root Extracts, Lauren Beal

From GFP to pFLAG: Confirmation of Intracellular Location of KIAA1946, Anita Becker and Jessica Appel

Thermoelectrics with Applications to Waste Heat Recovery, Heat Sources, and HVAC Systems, Joseph Belgarde

Purity Balls, Abstience, and Patriarchy: Controlling Girls' Bodies and Minds, Nicole Bourdeau

Flow Visualization Apparatus Restoration and Analysis, Josh Braband

Stage Based Population Model for a Harvested Population of Fisher, Daniel Branscombe

A New College Climate, An Old Problem: Exploring Ageism on Campus, Jessica Breuer

Propensity to Trust and Trusting Behaviors in Team Decision-Making, Elizabeth Brielmaier


Characterization of Biofilms Formed by Mycobacterium aviumn subspecies paratuberculosis in Psychologically Relevant Conditions, Richard Brunner

Absorbing the Force from an Accident through an Impact Attenuator, Eric Bruns and Chris Larson


Democratic or Gendered Domain: Communication and Learning Styles in the Online Classroom, Jennifer Ann Bruns

Strategies Methamphetamine Addicts Devise as They Go Through Treatment: A Research Proposal, Phillip Buzzard

Herd Immunity and the Necessity of Vaccinations: Modeling the Effects of MMR Vaccinations, Caitlyn Cardetti, Katie Groskreutz, and Melissa Zins

Levels of Student Test Anxiety and Effort Put Into Succeeding, Lauren Cardoni


Family Group Decision Making Utilization, Susan Carpenter

Development of Baja SAE Powertrain, James Carsten and Nicholas Gaines

How Crack-Cocaine Use During Pregnancy Affects Newborns Immediately After Birth, Caylin C. Cedergren

Making the History of Psychology a Story in South Central Minnesota, Jessica Christenson, Rachel Kruger, Jenna Helget, and Amanda Vonbergen

A Comparison of Self Esteem, Kim Colvin

Study Habits and Attitudes Study, Amanda Cyr

The Effect of Training with Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Programs on Measures of Balance in Older Women, Vashti R. DeRosier and Molly J. Hyland


ESL Work Readiness Curriculum Survey, Lynda Devine

Parallel Implementation of SPARSKIT Using MPI on a Beowulf Cluster, Joseph Dobmeier

The Relationship between Proactive Personality and Recovery Experiences, Heidi Doerr

The Devaluing of Nurses in Healthcare: Media Portrayals and Their Effect on the Public's Opinion on Nurses, David Domask

Three-Wheel Diesel-Electric Hybrid Commuter Vehicle, Alexander W. Dombrowsky and Michael L. Sanford

Latino and Somali Immigrant Social Adjustment and Mental Health in South Central Minnesota, Ayan Duale


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Chronic Illness, Kelly Dulohery

A Culmination of East and West: The Historical Interaction of the East and West Illustrated Through the Merge of Nigerian Ankara Inspired Textile with the Fashion Trends of 1441, 1863, 1960, 2009, Oluwabusola Duroshola

Improvements to a Course Management System Using Software Engineering Principles, Fatima-Zohra Cherkaoui El Moursli and Khushboo Shakya

Treatment Integrity Reporting In School Psychology Journals, Nicole E. Enfield and Jessica M. Morales

Feminism and Motherhood: Negotiating the Divide, Katherine England

How Does an Intervention for Troubled Adolescent Girls Affect their Self Esteem?, Samantha Falck


Social and Family Support for Individuals with Mental Illness, Beth Filzen

The Effects of Dissonance and Consonance within Music on the Cognitive Performance of Introverted and Extroverted Individuals, Brian Follick

It's None of Your Business: Rural Domestic Violence in the Upper Midwest, Anna-Kjersten Fors

Examining Pre-service Consultation Training in NASP-Approved Graduate Programs in School Psychology, Brittany A. Foster, Isaiah F. Biesanz, Jacy N. Kraayenbrink, Patricia D. Hopkins, and Jessica A. Day


Evidence Based Practices for Sensory Stimulation Seeking Impulsive Diagnosis, Sheena Gasner

Examination of Cardiovascular Development in the Offspring of Maternal SHR Rats with Impaired Aldosterone Secreation During Pregnancy, Using a Remote Monitoring System, Susan Gerbensky and Crystal Taylor

Determination of ABO Variants Using ASP/SSCP Analysis, Jessica German


Addressing the Needs of the Saint Clair Attendance Policies, Nicole Goettl

Co-occuring Disorders - Treatment Success in Chemical Dependency, Amanda Greiner

Managing E. Coli Growth in Stormwater Catch Casins, Eric Hanninen, Chandani Malla, Spencer Cossalter, Ashraf Sarameh, and Meghan Chiodo

The Effect of Renal Perfusion Pressure on the Baroreflex Response to High Blood Pressure, Dwight Hanson and Meredith Lovaas

IMR Deconstruction and Reconstruction: Mental Health Group Recovery, Lauren Harding and Renee Lips

Crossing the Divide between Art and Craft, Kristin J. Harsma

Seduction, Premarital Sex, and the Law in Eighteenth-century France, Kelly Heaney


Bioinformatic and Sequence Analysis of Four Resuscitation Promoting Factor (Rpf) Gene Homologues in Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (Mpt), and Expression of the Putative Mpt rpfB in Escherichia coli., David Dale Hedlund

Rules of Dating and Dating Etiquette, Dawn Helgeson


Improving Organizational Practices: Learning from Direct Care Staff and Team Leads, Abigail Helget

College Student Perceptions of Their Living Spaces, Erik Heller