This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Events from 2015

Precast Concrete Bridges, Mustafa Bahreldin


Treating Public Speaking Anxiety: A Comparison of Exposure and Video Self-Modeling, Emily Marie Bartholomay

Faculty Assessment Practices for Academic Integrity, Kimberly Bastien


Ethnically Diverse Students and K-12 Teacher Preparation Programs: An Analytical Study of Effective Recruitment and Retention Strategies in Select Midwest Colleges and Universities, Mymique Y. Baxter


Through the Looking Glass: Barriers and Coping Mechanisms Encountered by African American Women Presidents at Predominately White Institutions, Maria Louise Baxter-Nuamah


An investigation into the impact of science communication and cognitive strain on attitudes towards climate change, Amanda L. Becker and Emilee K. Mailhot


Proud to be Autistic: Metaphorical Construction and Salience of Cultural and Personal Identity in #StopCombatingMe, Jessica Benham

The Impact of Precast Concrete on Vertical Construction Project Schedule, Alex Benson

Japanese Students' Honorific Language Use, Laura Berg

Vacuum Hoisting Vs. Traditional Hoisting, James Besonen

Decision-Making and Justifications, Joshua Biber, Maisa Boyte, and Brandon Durst

Overfeed, Ashton Bird

The Impact of Build Orientation on the Tensile, Flexural, and Shear Properties of Fused Deposition Modeling Parts, Noah Bock


Technology-Based Learning Environments: How Activity Theory in Teacher Training can Facilitate Student Learning, Samantha Bohnenblust

The Role of Steroid Hormones on Neuron Number and Size in the Green Anole Lizard, Nicholas Booker and Nicholas Hart


The Fertility Problem Inventory and Infertility-Related Stress: A Case Study, Staci Leigh Born


The Expression of Organizational Dissent Among Sub-Saharan African Student Migrants in the United States, Délwendé Bouda


Abortion is Communism: A Genealogy of "Abortion Culture", Heather Nicole Bradford


A Migration Analysis of Demographic Transitions in the Upper-Midwest from 2006-2010, Andrew Brick


Sit, Stand, Speak: Examining the Perceptions of the Basic Public Speaking Student on Normative Forensic Practices and their Effect on Competitor Credibility in Oratory, Katie Marie Brunner

Connections between Isadora Duncan and Vaslav Nijinsky, Matilda Buffum

Can Student Attention Predict Learning? Investigating the Relationship between Sustained Attention and the Testing Effect, Kyle Burgess and Kourtney Mitchell


Employees' Interests and Preferences Regarding Worksite Exercise Programs, Amber Butcher


Imagen y percepción de la inmigración ecuatoriana en España, Jesús Calzas Millán


Directing A Piece of My Heart, Matthew L. Caron


Representing Us All? Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Orange Is the New Black, Michael Robert Chavez

2014-2015 Diesel-Methane Group, Michael Childs, Alexander Eustice, and Jack Hawkins

The Relationship between the Western Ballet Aesthetic and Eating Disorders Among Female Dancers, Samantha Chmiel

Determination of Genes Involved in Hygienic Behavior in the Honey Bee, Apis mellifera, Laura Chopp and Eric A. Northrup

A Study of the Correlation between Traumatic Experiences and Movement Memory, Alexa Chouinard

Comparative Trematode Biota of Healthy Waterbirds Harvested from Lake Winnibigoshish Minnesota, Timothy Christopherson, James Mitchell, Mariah Linville, Okhumhekho Kassim, and Connor Hutton

Changes in Magnesium Binding to Myosin with Oxidative Modification, Santiago Martinez Cifuentes

Developing a Western Blot Assay for 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylic Acid in Tomatoes, David Close

Esterification of Acid Chlorides, Ryan Colakovic

Assembly Line Reorganization and Drop-Over Enclosures, Jason Cole

Detecting Deception: How Do People Distinguish Between Truth-Tellers and Liars?, Jessica Cole and Shelby Flegel

Student Success and Academic Advising: Does Requiring Faculty Advising Improve Student Outcomes?, Tyler Conlon

Analysis of Sex Steroid Hormone Implants on Serum Levels of Two Steroid Hormones in the Green Anole Lizard, Patrick Connolly


Enhancing Pre-Service Teachers' Capacity for Culturally Responsive Teaching, Anna Currens


Fitting Flow: An Analysis of the Role of Flow Within a Model of Occupational Stress, Jeffrey Alan Dahlke

Macroinvertebrate Species Richness and Density Between Modified and Relatively Natural Segments of the Minnesota River, Alexandra Dahmes


Polygonal Provocateur, Abigail Daleki

Survival of the Basque Language, Mikayla Denney


Feminist Identities: Career Choices and Experiences of College-Educated Women, Kerry Diekmann

Narrative Skills of School-Age Children with Learning Disabilities, Haley Doran

How do Additive Manufacturing Process Parameters Affect the Material Properties in Stainless Steel-Bronze Composite?, Michael Doyle


Beyond the One-Armed Bandit: Slot Machines, Gamification, and Usability, Michele A. Dressen

Protein Photo-oxidation: The Effects of Singlet Oxygen on Protein Function, Maegan Eatwell

Correlation Does Not Equal Causation: The Misinterpretation of Saccadic Abnormalities for Intoxication from Alcohol, Ryan Endersbe

From Pacifist to Monster: How the Politics of the French Revolution Changed Robespierre, Corey Ennis


Corey Ennis Honors Portfolio, Corey John Ennis

Balanchine and Cunningham’s Contribution to American Ballet, Jordan Erickson

An Overview of Evidence Supporting Primary Production of Glassware in Amarna, Egypt, Marilyn Evenmo

Prevalence and Common Themes of Sexual Posts on High School Facebook Confession Pages, Christopher Fast

What are the Characteristics of a Genius and How Does George Balanchine Relate to Them?, Alina Fatieieva

The Effects of Leaf Optics on Photodegradation of Artemisia tridentate Litter Sampled Along an Elevational Gradient, Philip Fraley

ME Senior Design Capstone Project: Genset Performance Testing Cart, Bill Francis, Aviv Chetrit, Josh Kuehn, and Leighton Gjelhaug

Precast Concrete in Minnesota Roadways, Joseph Franta

Learning Strategies Project, Nicole Friend and Kaitlyn Hunstad

The Effects of Homework Practice on Performance in Therapy: Broca's Aphasia, Tara Fruechte

Transracial Parenting: Race, Gender, Sexuality and the Lawsuit, Laura Fry


What Is Real: The Subjectivity of Reality in E.T.A. Hoffmann's "Der Sandmann", Danielle Geistfeld

What is Real? The Uncanny in E.T.A. Hoffmann's Der Sandmann, Danielle Geistfeld


Intellectual Property: A Guide for Freelance Writers and Bloggers, Amanda Gernentz

Predictive Variables for Enhancing Intercultural Competency among Undergraduates, Katherine Gibson and Kwame Opoku Akyeampong

Erased and Invisible: Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Female Dancers in Dance Academia, Patricia Glover


"A Compromise to Help the Community": Rural Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Experiences, Rebecca R. Gonnering


Evaluation of a Home Visiting Program Aimed at Facilitating Refugee and Immigrant Children's Acclimation and Development, Laurie Lynn Grad

Impact of Nutrition Education on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Elementary Aged Children, Megan Groh and Lauren Alexander

Glutathionylation of Actin in the Dictyostelium Cytoskeleton, Benjamin Grosberg

A Validation of the Family Involvement Questionnaire-High School Version, Katlyn Ann Grover

Benefits of Precast Concrete Construction in Fire Prevention, Adam Gruis


Created Equal? Comparing Disturbing Media Outcomes Across Occupations, Christine Nicole Gundermann


"I looked here; I looked there; Nowhere could I see my love." The Problem of "Presence" in The Black Riders and Other Lines, Nat Gustafson-Sundell

A Comparison of the Effect of Hypothyroidism on Pressure Natriuresis in Male Wistar Kyoto (WKY) Rats and Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats (SHR), Jessa Gute


Mariah Haffield Honors Portfolio, Mariah Jean Haffield

A Case Study of Speech Therapy Effectiveness, Kathryn Haglin

Baccalaureate-Level Social Work Student Perceptions About Rural Practice, Julia Hamann and Makenzie Petzel


A Phenomenological Investigation of Clinical Intuition among Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Zach Hansen

Pre-Cast Concrete in Extreme Weather Conditions, Mohamed Hassan

Paraprofessional Implementation of Incremental Rehearsal, Rosa Hayes

The Influence of Non-Western Dance on the Healing Power of Dance/Movement Therapy, Emily Higgins

Classroom Prevalence of Methicillin Resistant Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcus Species Isolated Students, Samantha Holien


A Combination of Therapeutic Techniques: Severe Broca's Aphasia, Kimberly Ann Homan


Hood's Theory of Aging, Drew Michael Hood

Camshaft Overlap, Nathan Hoppe

Effectiveness of Floating Islands to Reduce Suspended Solids and Nutrients in Shallow Prairie Pothole lakes - Lake Titlow Case Study, Kelly Hunt


Linking Reading Assessment Data to Intervention Using the 4-Box Instructional Decision Making Model, Jeremy Husfeldt


Rachael (Igo) Bennett Honors Portfolio, Rachael Rose Igo

Students' Feminist Identification and Feminist Values at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Rachel Igo and Hailey Gorman


Is the Truth In the Comments? Anti-feminism and Anti-immigration in Norwegian Online Newspaper Comment Threads, Iselin Maria Ihrstad


Reconsidering Information Mapping and Its Ambiguities, Tiffany Jackson

Perceptions of our Multicultural Population: A Survey of Future Speech-Language Pathologists, Tia Jacoby

Precast Concrete in Parking Structures, Charlie Janssen

Bactericidal Activity of Coelomic Cell of Eisenia fetida (Common Earthworm) to Mycobacterium Smegmatis, Aleksandra Jeffrey

If I'm Not a Smoker Why Would I Listen to Your Ad? Exploring Smoking Cessation Advertisements for Social Smokers, Yuseong Jeon


How Women of Color are Portrayed on the Cover of Magazines: A Content Analysis on the Images of Black/African, Latina, Asian and Native American (BALANA), Connie Johnson


Efficacy of a Cognitive Training Program for Individuals with Moderate Cognitive Impairment: Evaluating Cognition, Erica Catherine Johnson

Dietary Macronutrient Alterations and Their Effect on Glycogen Loading and Exercise Performance, Patrick Johnson

The Benefits of Choice on Writing Performance Between Genders, Crystal Kadlec and Kier Kienholz