Events from 2010

How Does an Intervention for Troubled Adolescent Girls Affect their Self Esteem?, Samantha Falck


Social and Family Support for Individuals with Mental Illness, Beth Filzen

The Effects of Dissonance and Consonance within Music on the Cognitive Performance of Introverted and Extroverted Individuals, Brian Follick

It's None of Your Business: Rural Domestic Violence in the Upper Midwest, Anna-Kjersten Fors

Examining Pre-service Consultation Training in NASP-Approved Graduate Programs in School Psychology, Brittany A. Foster, Isaiah F. Biesanz, Jacy N. Kraayenbrink, Patricia D. Hopkins, and Jessica A. Day


Evidence Based Practices for Sensory Stimulation Seeking Impulsive Diagnosis, Sheena Gasner

Examination of Cardiovascular Development in the Offspring of Maternal SHR Rats with Impaired Aldosterone Secreation During Pregnancy, Using a Remote Monitoring System, Susan Gerbensky and Crystal Taylor

Determination of ABO Variants Using ASP/SSCP Analysis, Jessica German


Addressing the Needs of the Saint Clair Attendance Policies, Nicole Goettl

Co-occuring Disorders - Treatment Success in Chemical Dependency, Amanda Greiner

Managing E. Coli Growth in Stormwater Catch Casins, Eric Hanninen, Chandani Malla, Spencer Cossalter, Ashraf Sarameh, and Meghan Chiodo

The Effect of Renal Perfusion Pressure on the Baroreflex Response to High Blood Pressure, Dwight Hanson and Meredith Lovaas

IMR Deconstruction and Reconstruction: Mental Health Group Recovery, Lauren Harding and Renee Lips

Crossing the Divide between Art and Craft, Kristin J. Harsma

Seduction, Premarital Sex, and the Law in Eighteenth-century France, Kelly Heaney


Bioinformatic and Sequence Analysis of Four Resuscitation Promoting Factor (Rpf) Gene Homologues in Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (Mpt), and Expression of the Putative Mpt rpfB in Escherichia coli., David Dale Hedlund

Rules of Dating and Dating Etiquette, Dawn Helgeson


Improving Organizational Practices: Learning from Direct Care Staff and Team Leads, Abigail Helget

College Student Perceptions of Their Living Spaces, Erik Heller

Emotions Experienced After a Spontaneous Abortion, Kelli Hogberg and Taryn Califano

Surveying School Psychologists about Pre-service Training in Response to Intervention, Patricia D. Hopkins, Carissa A. Borchardt, Michael A. Hamilton, Jacy N. Kraayenbrink, and Aimee L. Kotten

Stigmatic Views for Mental Health Disorders in a College Population 2, Patricia D. Hopkins, Carissa A. Borchardt, and Melissa A. Lenz

Burner and Stingers (Management and Prevention), Anthony Hunter

Twelve Week Spirituality Curriculum Implementation, Kristopher Jaeger

Derivation of a Parallel Algorithm for the Simulation of Pulse Propagation in Optical Fiber Using a Signal Processing Convention, Md Jamy and Erik Morness

Messages to Girls About Dating Relationships in The Twilight Sage, Kari Jansen

A Research of Adoptive Families’ Preferences and Finding Homes for Older Children, Bethany Jobe

Media Images of Elite Athletes: Perceptions of Male Athletes, Alicia J. Johnson


A Survey of Attitudes and Utilization of Counseling Services among International Students at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Anna Marie Johnson


A Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy of Sex Offender Residential Restrictions to Recidivism, Cheryl Kack

Advanced Care Planning: A Community Assessment and Outreach Project, Brenda Karch

Factors Affecting the Expression of 9,13-Hydroperoxide Lyase in Cucumbers, Ashok Singh KC and Samee M. Ranginwala

Food for Thought: Organic vs. Conventional, Stephanie Kerkaert, Lindsay Dalluge, Sara Holmberg, and Travis Meger

Mapping Crime Locations on the Minnesota State University-Mankato Campus, Ashley M. Keul and Chris P. Somage

Effect of Lowered Aldosterone Levels on the Expression of the GR, MR, NHE-1, and NHE-3 in Rat Tissues, Ami Kim

Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Chemotherapy Strategy in the Treatment of HIV, Yu-Jeong Kim, Jaehwan Byun, and Hyuck Jin Lee

Investigation of the correlation between viability and optimal oxygen demand of dormant Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis, Lauren Kinkead


Program Recommendations to Fulfill Restrictive Procedures Training Requirements for School Districts, Annette M. Kleinschrodt


WhyTry? A Program Evaluation, Tammie Knick

Coordination of an Adult Protection Team, Amber Koester

Surveying Special Education Teachers about Pre-service Training in Response to Intervention, Aimee L. Kotten, Jessica A. Day, Isaiah F. Biesanz, Brittany A. Foster, and Carissa A. Borchardt

The Effect of Teaching Study Skills and Strategies to Children with ADD/ADHD, Amber L. Koziolek

Surveying Case Managers about Current Practices Regarding Foster Youth, Jacy Kraayenbrink and Michael Hamilton

Women Athletes and the Media: A Look at Unequal Coverage, Social Stereotypes, and Issues Facing Women Athletes, Ashley Krohn

Examining the Relationships between Self-esteem Variables and Mental Health in Young Girls, Rachel Kruger

Design and Development of a Turbocharged Flexible Fuel Engine for Motorcycle Street Use, Derek Kvenvold and Brent Bennett

Why are Multiple Placements for Children in Foster Care High in a Southern Minnesota County and What are Some Strategies for Limiting Multiple Placements?, Sheryl Larsen

Optimizing Air Flow on a Restricted KTM 525 Engine, Paul LaSorsa and Devin Danielson

Effect of Temperature on Polyglutamine Tract Rate in Bacteria, Han Lee

Developmental Disability waiver satisfaction survey done at the Southern Minnesota County, Hyojin Lee


The Impacts of a Project-Based Research Course: A Mixed Method Survey of Students, Alumni, and Teachers in Li-Shan High School, Taipei, Taiwan, Peiyu Lee

Charlotte Smith - A Revolutionary Female Romantic Poet, Brittaney Lettow

Identification of Polynomial Combinations of Operators, Tova Lindberg

Fostering Teacher Understanding of Dakota and Lakota Education Experiences: Past, Present, and Future, Maggie Looft and Kiley Theede

The Effects of Population Models on the Giant Panda, Ashley Maher

Obesity Among Latino Adolescents: The Role of Acculturation, Paulina Manzo

Perceptions of N1H1, Samuel Martin

Improvements to UHMWPE, Brooke McKelvogue

An Automatic Dialog System for Student Advising, Brian McMahan

Are Fall Leaves a Viable Feedstock for the Production of Cellulosic Ethanol?, Nicholas A. Menne


Stigma Reduction Techniques/Campaigns for Practitioners in a Rural Community Mental Health Practice, Becky Mensing

The Effectiveness of Monitored Antabuse Treatment, Katie Meuwissen

Gender Representations on the Cover of ESPN the Magazine, 1998-Present, Igne E. Milius

Analysis of the CAG Trinucleotide Repeat in the Novel Polyglutamine Protein KIAA1946- Exclusion of this Genetic Locus as a Candidate Gene for Neurodegenerative Disease, Eric Miller and Travis Mrkvicka

Decision Making and Personality, Margaret Moe and Natasha Olson

Wellness Behaviors of College Students: Connecting Implicit and Explicit Measures, Jessica M. Morales

Gender Identity and the Gym, Jacob Mulcahy

Determining the Utility of Wildlife Underpasses in Minnesota, Donald J. Nelsen


Assessing Gaps in Services for Geriatric Patients with Mental Health Needs, Angela Nelson

Crossing Borders: Fatih Akin's Transnational Purpose, Drew Nelson

Methods of Detecting Injury in Bacillus Cereus, Adeline Ngum

A Review of Referral Results to the Interagency Early Intervention Center, Heather Nielsen

The Use of a Paper and Pencil Analogue Task to Measure Ageism, Cassie Nieman

Expression of Lipoxygenase Isoforms in Wounded Pea Leaves, Ifedi Obidiegwu

Purification and isolation of components of Vernonia amygdalina extracts demonstrating antioxidant activity and flavonoid content, Cybill E. Okitikpi


The Subtle Arbitrios of Cervantes: Don Quijote as a Cautionary Tale for Leaders, Jonathan Edwin Olson

Effects of Reduced Aldosterone on Organ Damage in Hypertensive and Normotensive Rats, Yusaf Opakunle

Clarity of OTC Mark on Northern Pike Otoliths Using Different Microscope Filters, Merissa Oswald


Independent Living Outcomes Evaluation Project, Craig J. Padgett

Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Contemporary Ideologies and Conflicts: Finding a Site for Common Ground, Savanna Peterson-Wahl

Patrons and Pilgrims of Sanchi: A Universal Site for a Universal Audience, Amber E. Phillips

Investigation of cis- and trans- Chromium(III) Chloride Aquation, Marjorie J. Ploeger


Filling the Gap in Crisis Intervention: Horizon Homes, Inc. Proposal for SCCBI Crisis Services, Ricki Pribyl

Hip-Hop Feminism: A Look at Women, Words and Wisdom in Hip-Hop, Angela Proehl

Measuring Low Levels of 14 N Using the 14 N(d,n)15 O Reaction, Christopher Prokop, John Clymer, Nick Compton, Adam Hanson, and Henry Dam

Development of a Multiplex DNA Typing Method, Mohammad A. Ranginwala

Selective Language Skills of an Individual with Moebius Syndrome, Mary Richter

Spirituality and Pediatric End-of-Life Care, Janet Elizabeth Rother

Advanced Care Planning: Preferences for Care at End of Life, Maria Ruschmeyer

Supervised Visitation Center for Human Services of Faribault and Martin Counties, Alyssa Sanchez

Assessing Activation in Memory for Positive and Negative Stereotypes, Amber Scheierl

Effect of the Group on Individual Choice in Extreme Geotaxis Response in Drosophila melanogaster, Derek Schelling, Nicole Gilbert, and Melissa Hanson


Behavioral Health Self-Efficacy of Nurses in a Rural Emergency Department, Alyssa Schlager

The Limbo of Identity: Representations of Division in a Reunified Germany, Daniel Schmitt


Investigating Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Rates Among Mental Health Professionals at Sioux Trails Mental Health Center, Lora Schoewe


Expanding the SEA Program: Course Conception, Rationale and a Plan for Implementation, Michelle Schulz

58x Engine and Transmission Wiring Harness, Jeremy Schwanke

AIDS is Left in Africa: HIV/AIDS Behavioral Risk Factors Among Ethiopian and Eritrean Refugees Living in Minnesota, Betlehem A. Semahge

A Comparative Analysis of Clients Serviced Between the Salvation Army and Blue Earth County, Emily Shopek

Small Engine Blended Ethanol Tem, Matthew Shult and Andy Dick