This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Theses/Dissertations from 2016


A Wavelet Transform Module for a Speech Recognition Virtual Machine, Euisung Kim


Representing Autistic Masculinity: Hegemonic Gender Performances in Contemporary Autism Films, James Samuel Kizer

Effective Paraprofessional Implementation of Reading Fluency Intervention, Krystal Klement


The Enforcement of the 2008 Decree on General Public Procurement Procedures and Service Delegation in Burkina Faso: Its Influence on the Management System, Kouliga Koala


The Relationship between College Students' Use of Facebook and their Feelings of Alienation from their Institution, Oleksandr Komarenko

Dancing to Survive, Bethany Koshak


Effects of Hydrology on the Growth and Recruitment of Stream Fish in the Eastern Broadleaf Province of Minnesota, Eric J. Krumm

Evaluating Anaerobic Work Capacity Using Time and Intensity in Cyclists Performing High-Intensity Interval Training, Luke Krynski

Development and Leadership: A Case Study of Mobutu’s Leadership, Celine Kyelem

Development of Conjunctions in School Age Children, Monique LaFontaine, Mariah Anderson, Brook Binner, and Kailey Clark


Strategies of Student Activism: A Qualitative Study Examining Racial and Social Justice Organizing on a Midwest College Campus, Rebecca J. Lambert

The Effects of Varying Durations of Formalin Fixation on Larval Fathead Minnow's Pimephales promelas Genetic Utility, Ryan Leba and Coleman Mamaer


Zooplanktonic Community Dynamics of the Minnesota River with an Ichthyoplankton Gear Comparison, Nathaniel Lederman

Existing Soil Conditions in Construction, Kyle Lehnertz, Austin Blum, Nathan Johnston, and Thomas Suchecki

Internalization of Escherichia coli (E. coli) into Lettuce Leaves through Stomata; Cross Contamination between Bruised Leaves, Jote Limeneh and Lucy Saidu

Kehinde Wiley: Creative Genius or One-Note Sellout?, Emily Luehmann


Author Support for Wiki Based Help Systems: Genre Conventions for Content Templates, Claire Lundeby

So You Think You Can Detect Deception?, Shaylyn Lyksett, Kaitlyn Hunstad, and Brianna Fitzgibbons


Human Papillomavirus and Human Herpesvirus-8: Knowledge, Perception of Risk and Barriers to Screening and Treatment among Selected Students at Africa University, Zimbabwe, Rujeko Olga Machinga

Coherent Optical Fiber Communication System Modeling and Analysis Using Ptolemy II, Sanjina Maharian


Adaptive Skiing: A Culture of Its Own, Katelynn Malecha

Herman the German: From Ancient Warrior to Monument in the United States, Katelynn Malecha and Jonathan Smith

Family Communication Construct: Examining Family Nursing Science and Practice, Allison Maleska

Determinants of Divorce in the U.S., Pa Musa Manneh

Temperature Controlled Fan, Edgardo Martinez


A Graduate Student Perspective on How Student Engagements Enrich and Enhance Multicultural Awareness on the Campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato, Tomoko Matsui

In-Depth Exploration into Student-Professor Rapport, Nena McCalla, Calyce O'Connor, and Ethan Wynia

Interpreting the Interscholastic Sport Eco-System: A Pilot Investigation, Zachary McCarver


Physical Challenges in Forensics: An Autoethnography Advocating for Accommodations on Behalf of Speakers with Physical Challenges in Competitive Speech Environments, Elise McCauley Row

Analog vs. App: Math Fact Fluency, Kourtney McNallan and Rachel Kramer


A Phenomenological Study of Professional and Practical Changes Experienced by Teachers Involved with Action Research in a Learning Community Master’s Program, Jay Dean Meiners


Prudence and Persistence: Personality in Student Retention, Logan J. Michels

Designing Haptic Feedback and Auditory Methods to Access Maps for the Blind, Flint Million

Evaluating the Advantages of Braille Display Technology in Software Development, Flint Million

Site Logistics Plans in Construction, Alex Milliren, Adam Sik, Lucas Brown, William Knopik, and Suad Al-Marri


2016 Minnesota Undergraduate Scholars Posters at St. Paul Abstract Booklet, Minnesota Undergraduate Scholars


Lithic, Megan Nelle Moriarty


Early Detection of Mountain Pine Beetle Damage in Ponderosa Pine Forests of the Black Hills Using Hyperspectral and WorldView-2 Data, Kyle Edward Mullen

Analyzing Stream Network Changes from 1855 to Present for Watonwan River Watershed, Roman Mulvihill


Efficient Modeling and Simulation of Wavelength Division Multiplexing Dual Polarization QPSK Optical Fiber Transmission, Siva Kumar Raju Nadimpalli

Analysis of Income Inequality, Pape Oumar Ndjaye

Mental Stills, Hanna Newman

Calcium and Phosphorus Concentrations and Scale Ring Number in Relation to Fish Length, Keith Ngede and Eloy Gallegos

The Expression of Lipoxygenase Isoforms in Response to Wounding in Peas, Iheme Ngumah


Examination of the Antecedents, Reactions, and Outcomes to a Major Technology-driven Organizational Change, Ngoc Dinh Nguyen

Expressionist Architecture Woodcuts, Nhi Nguyen

Renewable Energy Potential by Methanogenesis through Anaerobic Digestion, Thu Nguyen

Stone Memories: Monarchy to Democracy in Brick and Mortar, Cody Nickel


Differential Gene Expression of Minnesota (MN) Hygienic Honeybees (Apis mellifera) Performing Hygienic Behavior, Eric Northrup

Designing a Laboratory Ercise to Illustrate Ionophores as Membrane Probes, Victoria Obrant

Greater Mankato Employees: Where Do They Live and Why?, Yves Oelke


A Theory of Participation: Joining the Cast of 'Heavy Rain', Matthew Bryan Oliver

Precast vs. Cast-in-Place in Temperatures between 0°F and 40°F, Curtis Olson, Tyler Koenig, Marcus Gooden, Mohammed Al Taysan, and Brady Bierl


Slum or Sustainable Development? A Case Study of Sodom and Gomorrah in Accra, Ghana, Benjamin Effah Oppong

Authentic Leadership in a Diverse Community, Claire Palo

The Lived Experience of Nursing Students during an Evaluative Simulation, Kayla Patterson

Representation of Reproductive Service Advertisements in Gay Parent Magazine, Elise Pawlak and Greta Maas

Commissioning an Engine Dynamometer for FSAE, Eric Pelletier and Thomas Thuening

Regulation of Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis by Tumor Secreted BMPs, Kaylin Peterson


Effects of Computer Program Visualization Tools on Student Populations, Meghan Jayne Peterson

Cochlear Nerve Myelination in Mice Lacking Thyroid Hormone Transporters, Stephanie Peterson and Natalie Moses

Evaluating the Quality of Advising and Tutoring Services Provided by the Center for Academic Success at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Zachary Petzel, Tyler Keller, and Jacob Tschann

An Evaluation in Adherence of Bacillus and Streptomyces in Bio-cementation, Anh Pham and Hee Son


Actitud de los ciudadanos andaluces en cuanto al empleo del dialecto andaluz en los medios de comunicación audiovisuales, Victoriano Pimentel Rivas


Examining Early Childhood Gender Socialization Through Children’s Picture Books, Kendra Leigh Pospisil


Use of Bridging Strategy between the Ensemble Kalman Filter and Particle Filter for the Measurements with Various Quasi-Gaussian Noise, Sumathi Prabhakaran Jeyakumari


Training Coping Techniques to Reduce Statistics Anxiety, Brittany Prothe

Effects of the Endothelin Receptor Blockade on Pressure-Natriuresis in Ercised and Sedentary SHR Female Rats, Juan Jose Quesada Olarte and Okhumhekho Kassim

Reactive Oxygen Species Effects on Lysozyme, Jacob Rachuy

Relationship of Vpx and APOBEC3A, Jacob Rachuy

Genetic Variability of Psilostomatid Isolates from Different Waterfowl Species Collected at Lake Winnibigoshish, Minnesota, Jacob Rachuy and Stephanie Holtorf


Impact of the 2015 Earthquake on Women in Nepal, Christina Rajbhandari


Process Improvement by Lean Thinking in Trucking Industry, Abhiram Reddy Ramasahayam

Effects of Cardiac Arrhythmic Mutant D95V on Calmodulin Structure and Stability, Jessica Ranke

Hybrid Renewable Power Systems: Analysis of Feasibility and Design, Katherine Rasley

Modeling of Renewable PSH Systems, Katherine Rasley, April Levar, Kurtis Nelson, and Marcell Meacham


Bakken Crude Oil and the Changing Logistics of the American Oil Industry, Austin Rau


A Floristic Study of the Oak Leaf Lake Unit of the Swan Lake Wildlife Management Area in Nicollet County, Minnesota, Heidi Rauenhorst

Pondering Processes Used by Families Managing the Chronic Illness Experience, Tara Reynolds

Are Hypothyroidism-Induced Reductions in Brain Derived Igf1 Due to Reducations in Serum Growth Hormone?, Anna Rice and Alec Wright

Morphological Distortion among Post-Ossified Larval Fish in Varying Durations of Alcohol and Formalin Solutions, Endora Roberts

Amygdala Morphology and Neurogenesis in the Green Anole Lizard, Jadden Roddick, Nicholas Booker, and Abodalrahman Algamdy

Psychological Comprehension, Haley Rohloff and Katelyn Hakinson

Am I Still a Slave?: An Analysis of Critical Race Theory, Thomas Rolph

Structure and Anatomy of Bone from Male C57/BL6 Mice with Reduced Testosterone Levels, Katie Rubitschung and Casey Hovey


How Multilinguals Perceive Linguistic Interference, Amanda Ruskin

Pavement Light Absorbance: Melting Snow to Make Roads Safer, Megan Sandberg


Perceptions of Female Sexual Pathology: The Role of Racial Biases in Clinical Decision Making, Jerusha Sanjeevi

Sex Worker Stigma: The Influence of Job Title on Victim Empathy, Zoe Schaefer and Kayla Van Amber


Assessing the Effect of Personality Characteristics of Minnesota Golfers on the Brand Equity of Golf Drivers, Eric Schinella

Nutrition between Faculty and College Students, Jessica Schisel, Holly Wick, Pa Xiong, and Maika Xiong


Patient Empathy & Effects on Health Outcomes, Erin Elizabeth Schliesman


Closed for Business, Tyler Schrandt

7-Day Project, Joshua Schutz and Hanna Newman

Cognitive Abilities & Language Skills in People with Aphasia, Laura Schwickerath and Cassie Ross

Perceptions of Safety within Residence Halls at a Midwestern College Campus, Alissa Shape, Jade Anderson, Stephanie Feldman, and Ellen Hammerschmidt


Perceptions of Safety within Residence Halls at a Midwestern College Campus, Alissa R. Shape, Ellen Hammerschmidt, Jade Anderson, and Stephanie Feldman


Directing Time Stands Still, Michael Bradley Sheeks

URC Abstract Design for Manufacture of FSAE Uprights, Alexander Sheldon

Veteran Stereotypes, Katherine Sherrard