Events from 2019

Comparative Study of Carbonaceous Meteorites Using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and SEM/EDS, Rohil Kayastha

Study the Causes of Sleep Deprivation Among MNSU Students, Prerana Khatri KC and Barsha Lamichhane

The Effect of LH/FSH Injections on Steroid Hormone Production and Aggressive Behavior in Green Anole Lizards, Taylor Kenealy


Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Adolescent Well-Being., Katie Kennedy


Sedona Kintz Honors Portfolio, Sedona Nicole Kintz


Perceived Barriers of Homeschooled Students Moving into Higher Education: Case Stories and Qualitative Perspectives, Lizbeth Kliewer

Defining "Above-And-Beyond" School Behavior, Sidney Knapper and Breana Stang


Teaching Writing: Genre Lessons for Teaching Writing in the Homeschool High School Classroom and Beyond, Teagan R. Knoblich

What Worked?: An Exploratory Investigation into the Symbolic Importance of Family Strengths, Katie Koebele, Nicole Motz, Danielle Bjornheim, Kelsey Wall, and Kali Pecha

Preparing Undergraduate Students in a Science Course to be Interculturally Competent, Zachary Koestler


Preparing Scientists with Intercultural Competence to Work with Global Communities, Zachary Koestler and Nicole Stalcar

Self Regulating Cooler, Devin Kohnke, Matthew Mueller, and Michael Valkos


Mass Wasting Investigation and Assessment in the Midwest: Case Study of the Minnesota River Valley, New Ulm to St. Peter, Minnesota, USA, Melissa Kohout

The Influence of Electronic Health Record (EHR) Training on the Technostress, Job Satisfaction and Performance among Clinical Dietitians, Ana Konatar


Using Behavioral Skills Training to Teach Children with Autism to Seek Help from Law Enforcement Officers When Lost, Greta Kos

Emotional Challenges/Symptoms and Learning Experiences of College Students with a Traumatic Brain Injury, Lindsay Kothe, Stephanie Grams, and Jessica Neaton

Cognitive and Learning Challenges of a College Student After Having a Traumatic Brain Injury, Amber Kral, Bri Ciaccio, and Brittaney Kroll

Kimberly Lee, University of Texas at Austin, 2019 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Kimberly Lee

College Students' Length of Time and Canine/Handler Interactions at Drop-In Canine Therapy Program, Madeline Leibham

Hand Grip Strength Among Rock Climbers, Active, and Sedentary Populations, Russell Lindahl and Matthew Heiling


Teacher Awareness and Perceptions of Social Media Use and Cyberbullying in Belize, Abbey Linderholm

The Influence of Semantic Priming on Recall for Slang Language Used on Social Media, Alexis Lofton, Nick Lucke, Dylan Askvig, and Ashley Baumann

Caitlin Lofton, University of Alabama, 2019 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Caitlin Lofton

Deception Detection and the Role of Gender in Determining Truthfulness, Tayle Lyng and Kevin Sperle

Megan Magee, Bradley University, 2019 Poetry Interpretation Event, Megan Magee


Adaptive Smoothing Parameter in Kernel Density Estimation and Parameter Estimation in Normal Mixture Distributions, Sabiha Mahzabeen

Microwave Plasma for Waste Management, Tressa Marquardt, Jonathan Menke, Rquof Abeidi, and Danayit Shewamene

Comparing the Effectiveness of an iPad Intervention to an Analog Intervention, Olivia Marquette

Dyana Martinez, University of Texas at Austin, 2019 Communication Analysis Event, Dyana Martinez

Dyana Martinez, University of Texas at Austin, 2019 Persuasive Speaking Event, Dyana Martinez

Music Experiences: Before vs. After Alzheimer's from the Care Partner's Perspective, Kianna Martinson, Tinotenda Mupambo, and Angeline Jorgenson

Sarah Maul, University of Nebraska Omaha, 2019 Persuasive Speaking Event, Sarah Maul


Assessing Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Hand Hygiene Among University Students, Linda Afia Mbroh

The Effectiveness of Tootling in an Elementary Special Education Classroom, Brennah McCorkell and Mia Hansen


Brennah McCorkell Honors Portfolio, Brennah Rose McCorkell

Selection for Drosophila melanogaster Exposed to Low Dose Gamma Radiation, Lillie McDermott and Heidi Cap

Is Your Dog More "On The Ball" Than You Think?, Mariah McGhan, Kathryn Strobel, and Katlyn Jaeger

Luteinizing and Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptors in the Seasonally Breeding Green Anole Lizard, Kyle Mercer

Exploring the Decision Making Process of Students Being Dismissed from Speech-Language Pathology Services in Educational Settings, Kaylee Merritt and Abbie Meyer


Cliff-Top Dunes in the Lower Chippewa River Valley of West-Central Wisconsin, Jason Millett


The Relationship of Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring and Hypertension Control, Durga Mishra


Sarah Moenkedick Honors Portfolio, Sarah Marie Moenkedick

Exploring Parent Perceptions of Services for Children with Literacy Disorders, Sarah Moenkedick and Shelby Voight

Applying Peer-Tutoring to Spelling in an Elementary Classroom, Alyssa Molnar and Nicholas Linell

Madison Morrissette, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2019 Impromptu Speaking Event, Madison Morrissette


Comparison Between Brief Acceptance and Cognitive Interventions: Assessing Public Speaking Performance in Socially-Anxious Individuals, Soultana Mpoulkoura

Assessment of Maternal Risk Factors, Tashinga Mupambo

Visualization of the Vasculature and Aqueous Fluid Outflow Pathway in Porcine Eyes, Hannah Murphy, Keshari Sudasinghe, and Casey Schneider


Rachel Newinski Honors Portfolio, Rachel Janelle Newinski

Case Study Comparison on Literacy Growth Over Time, Alyssa Novak and Ellyssa Hoversten

Juan Nunez, University of Texas at Austin, 2019 Dramatic Interpretation Event, Juan Nunez

Juan Nunez, University of Texas at Austin, 2019 Program Oral Interpretation Event, Juan Nunez

Small Engine Data Logging, Daniel O'Brien

Thyroid Hormone Regulation of Retinoic Acid Synthesis in Brown Adipose Tissue, Charles Olson and Kevin Brunson


Revoicing in Undergraduate Physics Education: A Case Study, Elizabeth Noël Olson


Anjola Onadipe Honors Portfolio, Anjola Babajide Onadipe


Preparing Teachers for a Diverse Classroom, Sean O'Rourke and Jonathon Arndt

Exploring the Formation of Interstrand Crosslinks in Calf Thymus DNA with Arginine and Potential Anti-Cancer Agent SOS, Abbigail Osgood


Thévenin Equivalent of Solar Cell Model, Chiedozie Osigwe

Characterization of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (Igf1) Protein Levels in a Mouse Model that over Expresses Igf1, Anjola Ouadipe

Identification of Genes Involved in Cytophaga hutchinsonii Cellulose Utilization, Barakallah Owolabi, Bersabeh Tafesse, and Shamim Ahmed


George Eliot’s Middlemarch and Florence Nightingale: Friendship and Respect Influences Reform in Sanitation, Hospitals, and the Training of Nurses, Kerrie A. Patterson

Use of an In-Cylinder Pressure Sensor to Increase Engine Performance and Efficiency, Hunter Pauloski


Metabolic and Morphological Evaluation of Two Brewer’s Yeast Strains Throughout Serial Re-Pitching in Beer Fermentation, Anh Pham

Formulation and Implementation of CRISPR Edited Glioblastoma Cells to Evaluate Triplatin-Proteoglycan Interactions, Morgan Pitcher and Tehut Zewdu


Riccardo Prosdocimi Honors Portfolio, Riccardo Prosdocimi

Role Models as a Resilience Strategy for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals., Nimotallahi Quadri


Evaluating the Effects of Tootling When Implemented in Special Education Classrooms Providing Behavior Supports, Jannine E. Ray


Lauren Reiman Honors Portfolio, Lauren E. Reiman


Flow Fields Past Grain Bins as it Relates to Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Placement Optimization, Jon Richter


Delaney Rietveld Honors Portfolio, Delaney LaSalle Rietveld


A Phenomenological Study of the Implementation of Developmentally Appropriate Practices of Highly-Skilled Teachers in School-Based, Early Education Settings, Julie R. Ritter

Thomas Ritz, Northwestern University, 2019 Communication Analysis Event, Thomas Ritz


The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Social Communication: A Survey Study, Chey Maree Robertson

The Effect of Exercise on Kidney Salt Excretion in Female Hypertensive Rats, Nickolas Rockenbac and Cortney McDonald


Children During the American Steamboat Era - A Museum Exhibit, Emily Ruoff

Exploring the Limitations of Symbolic Analysis to Validate a Dynamical Model, Jamal Saeed


Alexander Salazar Honors Portfolio, Alexander Ronald Salazar

Emergency Preparedness Among College Students, Annabel Sampson and Kayla Erickson


Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: A Survey to Assess Adults Knowledge, Attitudes, and Consumption Patterns of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, Jeff Schafer


Environmental Data Visualizations: Opportunities for Technical Communication Research, Alissa Schmidt

Now Hear This; Descriptions of Auditory Regions in Select Carnivores, Katie Schmitz

Examining the Potential Effects of Cyberbullying on the Development of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Colin Seifert


MATLAB GUI Based Educational Simulation Tool Box for Power Analysis, Tharuka Senevirathne

An Examination of the Experiences and Perspectives of Physically Disabled Students, Megan Serratore


Megan Serratore Honors Portfolio, Megan Serratore

Learning about Cognition and Memory Makes You More Intelligent!, Brandy Seth and Esther Okaro


The Effects and Experiences of Stigma in the Minneapolis Strip Club Industry, Machensey Shelgren

Alexis Simmons, University of Alabama, 2019 Poetry Interpretation Event, Alexis Simmons


Developing a Commercial Product Using a Consumer Grade 3D Printer, Calvin Smith

Preparing Teachers for Diverse Classrooms, Tori Smith and Sean O'Rourke


Evaluating the Effects of a Stimulus Equivalence Protocol to Teach Bullying Identification to School-Aged Children, Courtney Sowle


Impact of Self-Determined Motivation on Work Behavior and Response to Cognitive Remediation in Individuals with Schizophrenia, Desmond Spann

Development of a Formula SAE Powertrain, Samuel Stachel, Matthew Skaaland, and Christopher Cox

pH on Metal Conc. in Sediment Associated Water, Hunter Stedman

McLean Stewart, University of Alabama, 2019 Informative Speaking Event, McLean Stewart

Cortland Stone, University of Alabama, 2019 Communication Analysis Event, Cortland Stone

Choose your Topic! An Investigation on How Choice Affects Elementary Students' Writing Productivity, Kaylin Sukowski and Kayla Gross


Spencer Sulflow Honors Portfolio, Spencer Paul Sulflow


Blood Pressure Screening Practices Among Dental Hygienists, Mariah Sullinger