Events from 2022


2022 URS Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Teaching Microaggression to College Students through Stimulus Equivalence Procedure, Sophia Venner, McKay Gray, and Prajita Chauhan

Repressing APOBEC3 Proteins with Micro RNAs to Reduce Cancer-Causing Mutations, Joshua Vetter


Marius Vold Honors Portfolio, Marius Vold

OSL and Mound Dating: Exploring the Use of Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating to Establish the Chronology of a Native American Burial Mound at the Kiwanis Site, Marius Vold


Supervised Machine Learning Techniques Applied to Low-Cost Air Quality Sensor Suites, Peter Wahman

Assessing a New Psychology Department Capstone Requirement, Halley Weinberger, Megan O'Connor, and Anastasila Antonova

Cooling Strategies for an Air-Cooled Engine in a Watertight Environment, Riley White and Tyler Blattner


Jessica Wimp Honors Portfolio, Jessica Wimp

Seeing the Effects: Developmental Thyroid Disruption and Photoreceptors, Jessica Wimp and Ainslee Hemmen


Reading with Joysticks: Video Games in the English Language Arts Classroom, Wesley Wingert


Power Decoupling Control and Optimization for a Photovoltaic Inverter in D-Q Rotation Frame, Zhaoxia Yang

Role of Noise in the Neuronal Ability to Encode and Classify Signals, Mohamed Zakariya

Theses/Dissertations from 2021


Standing Between the Past and the Future, How Defense Attorneys Use Stigma Management Techniques in Presenting Their Closing Arguments in Capital Sentencing Procedures: A Content Analysis, AbdulRahmane Abdul-Aziz

Soil Health Characterization Under Different Land Uses in Southern Minnesota, Mohammed Abdurahman


No Future for Academic Crips: An Autoethnographic Crippling of Academic Futurity, A. Adams


Identity Change Strategies: How People Exit Stigmatized Identities, Mercy N. Adams

Perceptions of Programming Among Computer Science Students, Durre Shahwar Aliya Zafar Ahmed and Qurrat ul ain Zafar Ahmed

Health Risks Caused by Wireless Technologies, Durre Shahwar Aliya Zafer Ahmed, Qurrat ul Ain Zafer Ahmed, and Hadas Khasay

Cigarette Smoking Habits of Students from South Asia in an Upper Midwest University: A Pilot Study, Zahid Ahmed


Do National Tragedies Create Change? Kent State Shooting and the Actions Taken After., Rebekah M. Aiken


The Relationship Between Organizations' Response to Customer Complaints, Customer Trust, and Loyalty, Abimbola Ajibola


Safety and Efficacy of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Menopause: A Literature Review, Kathryn Akre

COVID-19’s Impact on Motives, Barriers, And Amount of Physical Activity Among College Students, Beth Albrecht, Nicole Aadalen, Jonathan Murillo-Rodriguez, and Gabrielle Matthieu


Student-Parenting During a Global Pandemic: A Phenomenological Exploration of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Experience of Community College Student-Parents, Malinde Althaus

Plants of Southern Minnesota and Iowa: The Importance of Collecting and Preserving Specimens for Herbaria, Rachel Amrine


Analyzing the Use of a Montessori-Based Activity & Its Effect on Engagement & Affect in Persons with Dementia: A Replication Study, Emilee J. Andersen

The Production of Labels in Narratives (Stories) by Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Erica Anderson

Children's Teacher Preferences Based on Physical Appearance, Ingrid A. Anderson


A Brief Zoom-Facilitated Mindful and Intuitive Eating Intervention to Decrease Disordered Eating, Jenna K. Anderson

Teletherapy and Camp Maverick: Literacy Students and Caregiver's Perspectives, Kelsey Anderson and Kristin Smith


A Survey of and Site Treatment Plan for the Belle Creek Mounds Archeological Site, 21GD0072, in Goodhue County, Minnesota, Alexander T. Anton

Thematic Mapper Analyses of Eutrophic Lakes in Southern Minnesota, Jeffrey Augustine

Myosin Oxidation and Effects on Magnesium and Actin Binding: Actomyosin, Muna Mifta Awel and Lelti Asegdom


A Methodology for Detecting Credit Card Fraud, Kayode Ayorinde

Storytelling as an Effective Leadership Tool, Elizabeth Ayotte, Stacy M. Bruns, Aaron Jongbloedt, Jamie Lea, and Chris Styndl

Affects of Blood Pressure of the Offspring of SHR Subjected to Aldosterone Infusion During Gestation, Birney Baker and Chris Voegele

State System Elements and In-Group/Out-Group Conflict, Luai Bashir

An Application of Logistic Regression in Estimation and Prediction, William Baumann and Herbert Heien

Analyzing the Trend and Forecasting of Covid-19 Outbreak Using Machine Learning Technique, Benie Bebela

Born to Rape?, Lisa Becker

Cannibalism in the Prehistoric American Southwest, Lisa Becker

Small Engine Attachment for Superflow CycleDyn, Lorrin Beecher, Adam Flowers, and Jason Holicky

Beginnings and Endings, Chrissy Bendel, Elizabeth Conway, Esther Hoffmann, and Amanda Doering


Investigation of Fermentation Efficiency in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Through Telomere Integrity and Maltase Expression, Dana Bennett

The Rhetoric of Conspiracy Surrounding the "Son Of Sam.", Alisa Berndt

Software Tools for Exploring a Potential Alternative Proof of the Four-Color Theorem, Shawn Berry

An Interdisciplinary Approach in Arts Education a Unit Plan, Aditi Bheda

Identification of Interacting Proteins, Aja Bjerke

Identification of Proteins Interacting with Actin Capping Protein β1 and β2, Aja Bjerke


Sexual Assault in the News, Sydney Blair

Isolation and Identification of Cellulolytic Bacteria from Forest Soil, Andre Bluth

Environmental Compliance with Federal and State Agency Standards, Melissa Bockman

Color, Light, and Reflection, Tamera Boe

The Search for Experience Brown: A Project in Genealogical Research, Jessica Boettcher

Unheard Voices of the Abortion Movement, Jaimee Bohning

Bridge Deck Thermography: Revisiting ‘Bridges Freeze Before Roadway’ From a Safe Salt Perspective, Emily Bollendorf


The Impact of Professional Perspectives on Team Participation and Satisfaction on Intent to Implement Interventions Determined by Multidisciplinary Teams, Julieanna Bowen

Production of Complex/Compound Sentences in the Spontaneous Speech of Typically Developing Children and Children with Williams Syndrome, Maureen Boyle

Production of Systemin Binding Protein in Response to Wounding of Tomato Plants, Gina M. Brandel

Fuel Management System, Cliff Braunesreither

The Vocal Recital: Preparation and Performance, Angela Braunwarth and Jennifer Fiedor

The Mean Length Utterance in Spontaneous Speech of Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Lynne Bremer

Comparative Analysis of Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Isolated from a Freshwater Habitat and a Wastewater Treatment Plant, Corrisa Brown

Getting a Feel for Spanish Poetry Through Personal Composition, Jason Brown

Discerning Science Fact from Science Fiction: Effects of Science Fiction Media Consumption on Undergraduate Perceptions of Neurotechnology, Shannon Bruce, Russell Tesmer, McKayla Kurtz, Teana Krolak, and Andrew McCarty

The Affects of Competition on Persons with Symptoms of Social Phobia, Brenda Bruss

Body Language, Matthew J. Bune

Forensic Anthropology and Its Uses, Matthew J. Bune

PER1 Expression in the Breeding and Non-Breeding Season of Anole Lizards, Alexus Bunnam and Taylor Grossen


The Kiwanis Site: A Multi-Method Geophysical Approach to Investigating Mound Features, Luke Burds

Calibration of CCD Photometry at Andreas Observatory, Jeffrey Burkett, Lucy McDermond, Andrew Monson, and Ian Radke

Controlling the Selectivity of Group Transfer From Tetraorganotins to Silver (I), Greg Burkhardt

Function Point Analysis: A Project Estimation Program, Stacy M. Burns

Use of the Ferric Reducing/Antioxidant Power Test (FRAP) Assay as a Measurement of Antioxidant Power of Plant Phenylpropanoids, Marney Butz

DNA Repair Genes and Their Expressions in Breeding and Non-Breeding Seasons of Green Anole Lizards, Alex Calli-Wehrman and Matt Bromann

Claude Monet, Pioneer of Impressionism, Jeannie Campe

Carlson's Trophic State Index and Southern Minnesota Lakes, Kristen Carlisle and Sarah Ress

Detecting Online Review Fraud Using Sentiment Analysis, Bryn Caron

XML as a Data Distribution Solution, Jeffrey S. Case

Barriers and Pathways to Future Service-Learning in Higher Education, Joshua Casper


Supporting Resilience in Reserve Component Spouses During Deployment: The Impact of Family Life Cycle Phase and Deployment History on Social Support Needs, Jennifer L. Ceminsky

Study of Speech Synthesis Systems Towards Implementation of a Multilingual Text-To-Speech System, Shuvro Chakrobartty

Psychometric Properties of the Global Leisure Satisfaction Scale, Crystal Chalich

Cloning of ACC Oxidase from Cucumber and Muskmelon, Renee L. Chapman


Academic Writing Challenges Experienced by International Students in a Midwest U.S. University: A Phenomenological Inquiry, Padam B. Chauhan

Type Token Ration: A Comparison of Typically Developing Children to Children with Williams Syndrome, Jackie Christensen, Laura Brandt, Ryan Stoneburner, and Amy Schmitz

The Influence of Solar Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Phenylpropanoid Concentrations and Ferric-Reducing Ability in Avena Sativa, Sonja Christensen

Color Chunking does not Alter Hypermnesia and Reminiscence for a Novel Non-Verbal Memory Task in Humans, Dana L. Citrowske

Investigating Key Enzymes Involved In Glypican-3 Release from Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Stevan Colakovic

Dentition and Diet- A Chemical Analysis, Dean L. Connors-Millard

Diet Determination Through Chemical Analysis of Bone, Dena L. Connors-Millard

The Semantic Characteristics of Words Recalled in the Retelling of Stories by Typically Developing Children and Children with Williams Syndrome, Christen Conrad

Defensive Disdain, Kelly Coumbe


Advance Care Planning and Palliative Care in Heart Failure: A Literature Review, Laura Dack

Vascular Dysfunction in Rats with Diet-Induced Hyperhomocysteinemia: A Look at Hypertension, T. Dalberg

Gestational Plasma Aldosterone Concentration in SHR and WKY Rats on Normal and Low Sodium Diets, T.J. Dalerg, A. Abraha, and B. Magnuson

Southern Minnesota Writing, Nikki Daver, Allison Vroman, Philip MacKenzie, Brady Dahl, Kris Listine, and Esther Hoffman

What Source of Media are Adult Americans Attracted to for Their Daily News and What are the Reasons for the Attraction to a Particular Source?, Cynthia L. Davis and Ann M. Freier

Weather and Populations of Small Mammals: A Twenty Year Study, Jennifer Deitloff