Events from 2021

The Silent Epidemic: The Impacts of Hepatitis C in the United States, Anne E. Gerbensky and Joshua J. Kerber

Voluntary Gestational Exercise Decreases Body Specific Gravity and Increases Body Length in Young Rat Offspring, Jeffery Gilbert, Chris Busse, James Mullenix, and Hyon Joo

Effect of Voluntary Gestational Exercise on Body Specific Gravity and Kidney Development in Adult Offspring, Jeffery Gilbert, Jennifer Fields, and James Mullenix


Mackenzie Glaser Honors Portfolio, Mackenzie Glaser

Recess and Play Before and During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Pilot Study, Mackenzie Glaser, Jakob Erickson-Thoemke, and Edinatu Thoronka

Evaluating Crisis Intervention Training Received by Mental Health Professionals, Philippe Goetstouwers, Tawiila Hafidh, Daniel McLaughlin, and Matthew Riewe

The Implementation of a Customized Weather Database for Use in MSU's Walter, Douglas Goodrich

Portrayal of Traditional and Nontraditional Family Structure in Children's Books, Laura A. Grabow

Linguistic Differences Between Children with William's Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Amber L. Grams, Stacy Overman, and Chandra Burggs


Why End-of-Life Discussion Matters: A Systematic Literature Review, Emily Grandson

The Affects of Glucose on Memory Tasks in Young Adults, Jennifer Grant

Hydrologic Properties of Lake Bottom Sediments in Mills Lake, Minnesota, Mark Green

Instructional Design for Mathematics Tutoring, Ann Gregerson

Learning about Global Elder Care Practices Through an International Virtual Collaboration, Sarah Gunderson, Hillary Erih, Megan Kurtz, Morgan Metcalfe, Oluwapelumi Solomon, and Grace Willaby


Rebecca Guss Honors Portfolio, Rebecca Guss

Purification of DNA Polymerase, Janice Haala

The Technological Impact of Quality Production Management in the Twentieth Century, Josh Hackbarth and Aaron Brixius

Exploring Literature from the Spanish-Speaking World, Hannah Hackett

RAD Car: Restructuring of the Chassis, Chris Hadfield, Dale LaRue, and Jason Wilkie

Social Loafing as Affected by Gender, Tawiila Hafidh

Exploring COVID-19 Impact on Social Inclusion in a Dementia Friendly Chorus, Cassidy Hall, Jordan Enevold, Britta Anderson, and Khadija Kamara

The Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence Among College Students, Louisa Hall

Should We Humanize Technology? A Question for Modern Society, Wu Hang

Physical Properties of Soil as an Indicator of Restoration Success, Nathan Hanke

Comparison of Lipoxygenase Isoenzymes Found in Specific Soybean Tissues, Jarod Hanson

Abundance and Diversity of Macroinvertebrates in Swan Lake and Middle Lake, Joshua Harbitz

Effects of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone on Reproductive Behavior and Testis Morphology in a Seasonally Breeding Lizard, Jada Harley

Effects of Popular Music on Memorization Tasks, Sarah Harmon and Kristin Sandberg

Examination of the Thermal Resistance of Enterococcus Faecalis and Escherichia Coll and the Possibility of Heat Resistance Transfer, Melissa A. Harms

Ethanol-Diesel Research Project, Andy Harrigan, Chad Samp, Rebecca Wells, and Derick VanDenBroeke

Tracking the Defense of Marriage Act Of 1996: A Feminist Look Into the Congressional Debates, Amanda Hart

A Pilot Study to Determine the Effect of Prenatal Breastfeeding Education on the Intended and Actual Duration of Breastfeeding, Cindy Haugsdal

Disease Mutations and Oxidative Effects on Calmodulin Structure and Function, Ethan Hayes

An Analysis of Ancient Greek Drama as a Transcendental Dance-Drama, John Carl Heimbuch

Relationship Satisfaction and Dependence in Dating Couples, Jovan Hernandez

A Paleoecological Examination of Temporal Trophic Changes Through Diatom Trend Analysis at High Island Lake, Sibley County, Minnesota, Thomas Higgins

Wireless Data Logger, Eric Holland

Effect of Seat Height on Aerobic and Anaerobic Power in Trained Male Cyclists, Brian Holmgren

Forensic Anthropology, Anthony E. Hoyord and Pamela Gregor

The Purpose of Sound, Hui-chi Hsia

Linguistic Differences in Multiple Tellings of a Story, Rebecca Hubbling, Kelly Ritter, Amber Grams, and Meghan Culey


Factors Influencing Contraception Use in Sexual Minority Women: A Systematic Literature Review, Grace M. Hudson

Application of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to Detect the Presence of Phenol Hydroxylase (LMPH) Genes, Ben Hume

Improved River Forecasting Techniques: A One-Dimensional Unsteady Flow Model for the Red River of the North., James C. Husaby, Steven D. Buan, and Wendy Pearson

The Relationship Between Intramural, Club, and University Student-Athletes’ Belongingness and Motivation during COVID-19, Osadolor Louis Ikponmwosa

Dietary Change Among Hmong People and Cancer Risks, Eri Ito


Nicole Jecha Honors Portfolio, Nicole Jecha


Contraceptive Accessibility and Reproductive Outcomes in Adolescents Seeking Care at School-Based Health Centers: A Systematic Review, Jamie Jenkins

Interpreting Goddesses of Mesoamerica, Lisa Loree Jensen


Reducing Polypharmacy in Older Adults at End of Life: The Outcome on Quality of Life, Melissa Jenson

Effects of Music on Sustained Attention in College Students Who Self-Report High and Low Symptoms of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Angie Jershe and Tina Head

Purification Of Actin Capping Protein α – Subunit Isoform Specific Antibodies, Ben Jilek

Purification of Actin Capping Protein Alpha Subunit Specific Antibodies and Immunolocalization in Murine Tissues, Benjamin Jilek

Development of a Biologically Based Control System in a Two-Dimensional Simulation Environment, Adam Johnson

Investigations of the Affect of Ta on Powder-In-Tube Nb3Sn Superconducting Wires, Adam Johnson

Glucose-Induced Enhancement of Spatial Memory in Humans, Adam Johnson and Aprajita Mohanty

End-of-Life Care Conversations: Family Care Partners Share Their Experiences About Their Loved One Living with Dementia at End-of-Life, Chandler Johnson and Abigail Larson

Patterns in Incidence of Tuberculosis in Midwest Prehistoric Populations, Jamie Johnson

An Environmental History of the Good Counsel Complex, 1912-1999, Jonathan D. Johnson, Steven C. Berberich, and Steven A. Silbermann

A Comparison Between Extroverts and Introverts and the Time Involved to take Action in a Staged Dilemma Involving a Timed Test, Laura Johnson

Customer Service in Response to Shopper's Attire, Allison Jones

Comparative Analysis of Two Submaximal Predictive Strength Equations to the One Repetition Maximum Test, Christopher Joyner


Providing Hispanic Immigrant and Migrant Health Care in America: Could NPs be the Answer?, Hamabwe Kabwe

Be Safe Not Sorry: Safety Belt Use Education for College Students, Kathy Kaduce and Tracie Pernu

An Examination of Secret Legal Settlements and Their Obstruction of Justice, Heather Kaiser

The Elimination of Toxic Schools, Heather Kaiser

The Formula, Heather Kaiser and Chad Kuyper

What's So Funny?: A Reader's Theatre Examining the Reasons Why We Laugh, Heather Kaiser, Chad Kuyper, Mitch Batty, Rebecca Rick, and Cynthia Saba

Electronic Valve Actuation, Robert Kaiser, Conley Johnson, Eric Kaiser, Vong Lor, Brady Ranweiler, and Dennis Dording

Relationship Between Leisure Satisfaction and Mental Health, Melissa Kalm

Comparison of Eating Habits: Students of South Asia vs. American Students, Karishma Kamath and Waqas Jamshed

Standardized Estimation of Technology in Cultural Systems, Gary Kaunonen

Prenatal Experiences Of Hmong Women in Minnesota, Prerana Khatri KC and Gao Ja Yang

Affects of Game Conditioning on Anaerobic Power and Blood Lactate Accumulation in Female Athletes, Megan Kelly, Many Krause, and James Mullenix

Pixilated and Painted Spaces: Exploring Collaborative Process, Letha Kelsey and Andrew Wachholz

The Effects of a High Lipid Diet on the Physiological Functions of Mice, Manscora Khaliq and Pallavi Mynepalli

Harvesting Minds - How TV Commercials Control Children: A Content Analysis, Ishita J. Khan

Alteration of Renal Sodium Excretion During Dorsal Column Stimulation, Danielle Kirkpatrick

Expression of Rat Aortic Fibronectin mRNA Isoforms as a Function of Gender and Maternal Exercise, Danielle Kirkpatrick

The 2002 World Cup and International Technical Communication, Tim Kirk

The Effect of Birth Order on Introversion and Extroversion, Macy Kissling

Ethnographic Observations of Personal Interaction Styles (The Front Desk Chronicles), Adam Kittelson

An Investigation of the Social Acceptability of Adults Exhibiting Tic Disorders, Michelle Koch

An Assistive Mobile Communication Application for Individuals Who Are Mute or Have Speech Impairments, Sashwot Koirala

Physical Therapy Use Among Collegiate Dancers, Vanessa Kotek and Kacey Wachholz


Cannabis as a Prescription Opioid Substitute for Adults with Chronic Pain: A Systematic Literature Review, Lani Kranz

Understanding the Relationship Between Serum Thyroid Hormone Levels and Thyroid Hormone Action in Tissues, Lauren Krieg and Jessica Wimp

Predicting Effective Learning: What Traits Make College Students Receptive to Learning?, Teana Krolak, McKayla Kurtz, Lauren Eckert, and Dalyon Waldner

Development of a Two-Stroke Direct Fuel Injected Engine, Peter Kruchoski, Matt Sandlin, Nick Maki, and Nick Bredemus

Positive Religious Coping: Chronic Stressors and Perceived Stress, Bethany Kunkel

The Effects of Room Color on Stress Perception: Red Versus Green Environments, Teresa M. Kutchma

A Humorous Examination of Current Brain Research and Its Applications, Chad Kuyper

Chromosome Counts for Packera paupercula variety Gypsophila, Chad Larson

Food Habits of the Hoary Bat (Lasiurus cinereus) in Southwestern Minnesota, Michelle A. LaRue

Academic Dishonesty as a Function of Individual Characteristics, Heidi Leaman


Impact of Telemedicine on Heart Failure Readmissions and Mortality: A Literature Review, Stephanie R. Ledvina

The Occurrence of Bound Morphemes in the Speech of Children with Williams Syndrome Compared to Typically Developing Children, Shannon Leppi, Sara Doelger, Christina Carson, and Catherine Armendariz

Physiological and Psychological Effects of Vocal Warm-Up in Performing Artists, Shannon Leppi, Sam Schindle, and Christina Carson

Schwanke Engines E-85 Sealed Engine Project, Chris Lidel, Guy Bernt, Don Kottschade, and Pete Palm

Infanticide and Abortion: Different Responses to Similar Circumstances?, Kristina Lillie