Events from 2021

Ways by Which Extracurricular Activities May Impact English Language Learners (ELL), Paul Selman

Data Mining: Improving the Way We do Business, Megan Senson

Environmental Education Outreach to Hispanic Communities, Suzanne Sentman

Service-Learning Assessment, Julie Sergot and Jeanne Zwart

An Essay on Cultural Imperialism and the Language of Black Folk, Rashad Muhammad Shabazz


The Critical Need for a Culturally Sensitive Suicide Risk Assessment Instrument for American Indian and Alaska Native Youth, Courtney E. Shaw

Effect of Adrenergic Signaling On All-Trans-Retinoic Acid Synthesis In Brown Adipose Tissue, Tsion Sherbeza

A Regional Analysis of Radon Levels in Southern Minnesota, Michael Shores

ABC Accounting: The Managerial Effects, Angela Siebenaler

Getting a "Feel" for the Culture of a Spanish-Speaking Country, Marti Sievek

Meanings of the "Rider's Song": Immersion in a Spanish Poem, J. Noble Simpson

Wrestling with Politics: A Multi-Tiered Analysis of Jesse Ventura's Campaign, Seth-Michael Smith

Generation of Most-Probable-Number (MPN) Estimates of Indigenous Freshwater Bacteria Capable of Degrading Hydrocarbons, Sidik Sokwalla

The Eating Habits of a Mid-Western University: A Pilot Study, Jenny Sorenson

Memory Recall: The Role of Visual Aids in Instructions, Theresa R. Spear and Brooke A. Zeisel

A Performance on the Rewards and Frustrations of Teaching, Jason Spitzer

A Performative Program on Healing and the Kent State Tragedy, Jason Spitzer

The Potential of the Brain Pacemaker, Jason Spitzer

Coil Suppression, Samuel Squires


Effectiveness of Behavior-Based Counseling for Weight Loss Maintenance: A Systematic Literature Review, Jaime V. Stanczyk

Removal of Triorganotin Halides from Reaction Mixtures, Justin Stewart and Luis Yanez

Creation of a Scalable Production Server Model, Patrick St. John

The Determination of a Threshold Level of Exogenous Methyl Jasmonate Effecting an Increase in Peroxidase Activity in Protoplasts of Avena Sativa, Dwight R. Stoll

An Initial Exploration of the Relationship Between Political Repression and Family Violence, Tom Stutsman

The Influence of People's Anticipated Outcome on Their Information Seeking Behavior, Steve Sullivan

Bringing the High Redshift Universe to Instagram, Wen Sun


Brian Swancutt Honors Portfolio, Brian Swancutt

Genesis: The Problem with Oral Tradition, Kathryn Sween, Jennifer Owen, Melissa Stauffer, and Josephine Belina

A Study on the Housing Experiences of Somali Immigrants in Mankato, Sharifun Syed

Cultural Assimilation Seen in Islamic Architecture, Kozue Takahashi

Anthropology, Race, and Ethnicity in the Case of Japan, Azumi Takeda

Identification of Specific Phenol Hydroxylase Genes in Freshwater Bacterial Isolates, Masae Takezaki

A Critical Look at Archaeoastronomy and the Anasazi Culture of the American Southwest, Jennifer Taylor

The Amazons: Warrior Women of Ancient Greece, Myth or Reality?, Jennifer K. Taylor


Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to Cervical Cancer Screening in Asian American Women, Bouathong Thepsombath

Physical Activity Levels and Coping Skills during the COVID-19 Transition to Online Learning in College Students, Alison Tokkesdal, Kaitlyn Vomhof, Zoe Stone, and Anja Enervold


Jacqueline Tomas Honors Portfolio, Jacqueline Tomas


Annalisa Tostenson Honors Portfolio, Annalisa Tostenson

Effects of Bisymmetrical and Bilateral Symmetrical Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Designs, Annalisa Tostenson and Peyton Wolf

Costume Preference Related to Gender: Does a Child's Gender Reflect Their Choice in Costumes?, Tracy Traetow

Gypsy Moth Survey, Carrie Trytten

Influence of the Media on Body Self-Image, Marie E. Tutewohl

Impact of Tire Temperature on Grip in a Racecar, Val Urman

Duncan, Dunham and Graham: A Comparative Study, Tracy Vacura

Diversity of Culturable Bacteria Isolated from Freshwater Sediments, Kimberly Van Denmark

PCR Detection of Clostridium botulinum Type C1 Toxin Gene from Swan Lake and Middle Lake Sediment Samples, Kimberly Van Denmark

RPM Limiting System, Arjun Veerwal

Impact of Intake Air Charge Cooling from Upstream Auxiliary Fuel Nozzle, Gabe Villalpando

Skinwalkers and Gender Roles, Marius Vold

Prairie Potholes: How Isolated Wetlands are Affected by Human Decisions, Emma Volz

Ethics of Document Design: A Survey of Technical Communication Students, Josha Weaver

Optimizing an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer for a Food Industry Application, Brent Weisbrod

Corn and Beans, Symbiotic or Competitive?, Sara Wenner

Nicotine Use Among College Athletes with a High Self-Report of Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Jamie Whitcomb

Donating by Motivating: An Analysis on Fundraising Efforts for The Salvation Army Men's Shelter, Kristi Wibben

Accept: A Community-Based Cultural Exchange Program for Tolerance, Joe Williams

Manufacture and Importance of the Bow and Arrow as Described by World Chief of the Hidasta, Damian Woclfcl

Illustrating Stone Projectile Points, Damian Woelfel

Radon in Southern Minnesota, Shawn Wohnoutka

Treading Lightly: Minnesota State University's Entry in the 2001 Clean Snowmobile Challenge, Aaron Wolff

Racing with the Sun from D.C. to Florida: Northern Light V Solar Vehicle Project, Aaron Wolff and Paul Heschke

A Comparison of Turn Taking in the Spontaneous Speech of Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Cory Woller, Katie Rybak, Katie Lash, and Molly Rourke

Boredom Proneness and Its Relation to Repetitive Behaviors, Jessica Wurdak


Cannabis Treatment of Autism in Children: A Literature Review, Mai Xiong

People and Adaptation in High Altitude, Rie Yamada

Removal of the By-Product Tributyltin Chloride from Reaction Mixtures, Luis Yanez and Jarrod Hunson

Studying the Effect of Laser Power on Carbonaceous Meteorites by Raman Spectroscopy, Mohamed Zakariya


Conflict Communication in Law Enforcement, Don Zheng

Design and Control of Multiple Degree of Freedom Spherical Motor, Jack Zimmerman


The Impact of a Plant-based Diet on the Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Megan E. Ziola


Choosing Between Medical Surveillance and Preventive Surgical Interventions Among Asymptomatic BRCA Positive Women, Hillary Zupan

The Role of the Honors Senior Project, Keely Zwart, Rachel Moldan, Tammy Johnson, and Aaron Brixius

Theses/Dissertations from 2020


Comments, Gifts and Kudos: Community and Gift Economy in Harry Potter Fanfiction, Deanna Almquist


Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired Person Using Inertial and Geomagnetic Information, Jayanth Ammanabrolu


Understanding Communication Dynamics in Group Home Setting, Jacinta O. Anyanwu


Michelle Baldrige Honors Portfolio, Michelle Taylor Baldrige


“A Chilling Effect for Sexual Assault Survivors”: An Examination of Campus-Based Advocacy and the Proposals to Title IX Under the Trump Administration, Hunter J. Beckstrom


Directing Nocturne, Trevor Belt


Melanie Bengtson Honors Portfolio, Melanie Marie Bengtson


Exploring Artificial Intelligence-Mediated Communication (AIMC) as a sub-field of Communication Studies. A Textual Examination, Md Nurul Karim Bhuiyan


The Impact of Medicaid Expansion Under the Affordable Care Act on Accessibility and Availability of Primary Health Care, Aaron Amaning Boaitey


An Evaluation of a Brief Mindfulness and Values Training on Cyber Bullying Behavior in College Students, Emily M. Boduch


Disparities Within School Discipline: An Examination of Race, English Language Learner Status, & Suspension, Serena Boyce


Comparison of Minnesota Teachers’ Sex Education Instructional Practices with Professional Preparation and Development, Lisa Brichacek


Yuseina Brito Lino Honors Portfolio, Yuseina Brito Lino


Higher Education and Police Officers: The Effects on Citizen Complaints, Evan D. Brown


Screens, School District Employees, and Sleep: Is There a Relationship?, Mary Kay L. Bruihler


Social Justice Scholarship Informing Visual Communication Practices, Alicia Campbell


Disabled Women in a Dictatorial regime: Sexual Assault and Disability in Zimbabwe, Paidamoyo Chikate


Performing the 2nd Witch’s Character in Macbeth, Martha Juliana Cubillos Caceres


A Systematic Review of the Literature: Defining Child Sex Trafficking, Chelseanne Luella Davidson


The Difference in Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Between Men and Women in the 45-55-Year Age Group, Maren Christina Davis


Know Before You Play: Associations Between Race, Education, and HIV Susceptibility, Anfa Mohamed Diiriye


A Four-Port Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy System and Microgrid, Xia Du


The Effects of Cognitive Training on Behavioral Functioning in Persons with Dementia, Abigail J. Dye


Wired, Tianna Ebnet


The Impact of Yoga on Symptom Management in Adults with Depression, Laura S. Eggen


Evaluation of the Activity of Zn-65 Isotope and Radiation Dose Delivered to Drosophila melanogaster, Wasiu Ajani Erinoso


Assessing the Perceived Effectiveness and Acceptability of Pre-Referral Intervention Team Procedures by School Teams: Continued Validation of the Pre-Referral Intervention Team, Lindsey A. Finch


Alignment or Detachment: College Educators’ Perceptions of Experiential Learning Pedagogy, Wayne D. Finseth