Events from 2021

Customer Service in Response to Shopper's Attire, Allison Jones


Directing Atreus: Re-Envisioning Classic Greek Theatre, Yaureybo Jordán Salivia

Comparative Analysis of Two Submaximal Predictive Strength Equations to the One Repetition Maximum Test, Christopher Joyner


Providing Hispanic Immigrant and Migrant Health Care in America: Could NPs be the Answer?, Hamabwe Kabwe

Be Safe Not Sorry: Safety Belt Use Education for College Students, Kathy Kaduce and Tracie Pernu

An Examination of Secret Legal Settlements and Their Obstruction of Justice, Heather Kaiser

The Elimination of Toxic Schools, Heather Kaiser

The Formula, Heather Kaiser and Chad Kuyper

What's So Funny?: A Reader's Theatre Examining the Reasons Why We Laugh, Heather Kaiser, Chad Kuyper, Mitch Batty, Rebecca Rick, and Cynthia Saba

Electronic Valve Actuation, Robert Kaiser, Conley Johnson, Eric Kaiser, Vong Lor, Brady Ranweiler, and Dennis Dording

Relationship Between Leisure Satisfaction and Mental Health, Melissa Kalm

Comparison of Eating Habits: Students of South Asia vs. American Students, Karishma Kamath and Waqas Jamshed

Standardized Estimation of Technology in Cultural Systems, Gary Kaunonen

Prenatal Experiences Of Hmong Women in Minnesota, Prerana Khatri KC and Gao Ja Yang

Affects of Game Conditioning on Anaerobic Power and Blood Lactate Accumulation in Female Athletes, Megan Kelly, Many Krause, and James Mullenix

Pixilated and Painted Spaces: Exploring Collaborative Process, Letha Kelsey and Andrew Wachholz

Understanding How Notum Promotes Glypican-3 Shedding In Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Meaghan Keohane

The Effects of a High Lipid Diet on the Physiological Functions of Mice, Manscora Khaliq and Pallavi Mynepalli

Harvesting Minds - How TV Commercials Control Children: A Content Analysis, Ishita J. Khan

Alteration of Renal Sodium Excretion During Dorsal Column Stimulation, Danielle Kirkpatrick

Expression of Rat Aortic Fibronectin mRNA Isoforms as a Function of Gender and Maternal Exercise, Danielle Kirkpatrick

The 2002 World Cup and International Technical Communication, Tim Kirk

The Effect of Birth Order on Introversion and Extroversion, Macy Kissling

Ethnographic Observations of Personal Interaction Styles (The Front Desk Chronicles), Adam Kittelson


Faculty and Dean Attitudes Toward Institutional Civic Responsibility, Mutual Trust, and Civic Mindedness at Two Year Colleges, David W. Kobilka

An Investigation of the Social Acceptability of Adults Exhibiting Tic Disorders, Michelle Koch

An Assistive Mobile Communication Application for Individuals Who Are Mute or Have Speech Impairments, Sashwot Koirala

Physical Therapy Use Among Collegiate Dancers, Vanessa Kotek and Kacey Wachholz


Cannabis as a Prescription Opioid Substitute for Adults with Chronic Pain: A Systematic Literature Review, Lani Kranz

Understanding the Relationship Between Serum Thyroid Hormone Levels and Thyroid Hormone Action in Tissues, Lauren Krieg and Jessica Wimp

Predicting Effective Learning: What Traits Make College Students Receptive to Learning?, Teana Krolak, McKayla Kurtz, Lauren Eckert, and Dalyon Waldner

Development of a Two-Stroke Direct Fuel Injected Engine, Peter Kruchoski, Matt Sandlin, Nick Maki, and Nick Bredemus

Positive Religious Coping: Chronic Stressors and Perceived Stress, Bethany Kunkel

The Effects of Room Color on Stress Perception: Red Versus Green Environments, Teresa M. Kutchma

A Humorous Examination of Current Brain Research and Its Applications, Chad Kuyper

Chromosome Counts for Packera paupercula variety Gypsophila, Chad Larson


Assessment of Perceived Levels of Stress and Coping Mechanism Use Among Elementary School Teachers, Lauren Larson


A Dozen To One: An Examination of Workers' Satisfaction in Menial Labor, Colin Larter

Food Habits of the Hoary Bat (Lasiurus cinereus) in Southwestern Minnesota, Michelle A. LaRue

Academic Dishonesty as a Function of Individual Characteristics, Heidi Leaman


Impact of Telemedicine on Heart Failure Readmissions and Mortality: A Literature Review, Stephanie R. Ledvina

University Health Services and Non-English Speaking Patients, Riley Lehmer, Kianna Fladland, Quinlan Brogdon, Maureen Nghambi, and Simale Kadir


Examining Patterns and Drivers of Spatial and Temporal Variability in Playa Hydroperiod in the High Plains Region of Western Kansas, Luis Lepe

The Occurrence of Bound Morphemes in the Speech of Children with Williams Syndrome Compared to Typically Developing Children, Shannon Leppi, Sara Doelger, Christina Carson, and Catherine Armendariz

Physiological and Psychological Effects of Vocal Warm-Up in Performing Artists, Shannon Leppi, Sam Schindle, and Christina Carson

Schwanke Engines E-85 Sealed Engine Project, Chris Lidel, Guy Bernt, Don Kottschade, and Pete Palm

Infanticide and Abortion: Different Responses to Similar Circumstances?, Kristina Lillie

The Number of Mazes in the Retelling of Narratives of Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Sara Lindquist, Allyson Segar, Mary Skarohlid, and Teresa Weng

Experimental Video, Jack Linell, Autumn Erdmann, Harry Ritchie, Natalie Wagley, Ben Liebl, Trang Nguyen, Hafsa Islam, and Andrew Peterson

Christian Sacred Dance, Megan Lockey

Problems in the American Meat Packing Industry, Suzanne Loen

The Need for Palliative Care in the U.S., Suzanne Loen

Comfort Through Humor: The 9/11 Issue of the Onion, Suzanne V. Loen

Say Anything: A Content Analysis of YM (Your Magazine) Removing Articles on Weight Loss, Suzanne V. Loen

The Potential Mechanism of Leptin on Lipolysis in Brown Adipose Tissue, Lyric Lopez-Kohler

The Relationship Between Tone and Level of Understanding of Written Instructions by Undergraduate Sorority Women, Karen J. Luepke

Targeting Epigenetic Regulators of Lymphoma via PROTAC Molecules, Shelby Lund


Joint Religiosity Among Satanists as a Predicator of Sexual Satisfaction, Tayler M. Lyng

The Effects of Exercise in WKY Pregnant Female Rats on Fetus Health, Laura Madsen

The Comparison of Abandoned Utterances in Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Tracy MaGill, Angie Olson, Donna Eberly, and Elizabeth Gormely

Functional investigation of the Type IX Secretion System Regulatory Pathways in Flavobacterium johnsoniae, Ireland Manning

Increasing Retention for Those Who Work with the Developmentally Disabled, Jennifer Marcus

Detection of Hα Stellar Emission, Thomas Marks

Monte Carlo Simulation of Lutz-Kelker Corrections, Tom Marks

Determining the Ploidy and Counting Chromosomes of Packera paupercula Using Stain and Squash Techniques on Microsporocytes Within Immature Anthers, Bruce Martems


Risk Communication and COVID-19: An Exploration of Best Practices, Allie Martens

E85 1999 Chevrolet Silverado: A Conversion by Minnesota State University, Mankato for the "1999 Ethanol Vehicle Challenge", Steve Mathison and Jesse Boyle


Unveiling Race and Japanese Identity Through Kokusai Kekkon, Manami Matsuoka

The Effects of Wounding and Ethylene on Cellular Fatty Acid Composition of Avena Sativa, Judith J. Mayer and Dwight R. Stoll


Maryanne Mbiu Honors Portfolio, Maryanne Mbiu

Getting a "Feel" for Poetry from the Spanish-Speaking World, Shannon McArdle


Paternal Postpartum Depression Screening: A Critical Measurement that is Long Overdue, Nicholas C. McClellan

Phylogenetic Analysis of Freshwater Sediment Bacteria Cultured from a Phenol Enrichment Microcosm, Warren McCormick

Assessing Students' LASSI Performance, Claire McDavid and Kailing Aw


Exploring the Opportunity and Archievement Gap: The Capacity of Inclusive Outdoor Adventure Programming in Alleviating Youth Educational Inequality, Sarah E. McDonald

Mesoamerican Influence on Mississippian Cultures, Allen R. McGregor

Human Sexuality, Karri McKee

Optimal Precipitation of Organotin Fluorides by Cation Exchange, Karri McKee and Justin Steward


Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a High-Speed, Low-Cost Atomic Force Microscope Housing and Distance Measurement System, Jonathan Menke

Differences in Reported Attractive Features in Persona Advertisements from Rural and Urban Settings, Paul Merlini

Sexual Behaviors and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in College Students, Kellee J. Meyer, Nicole S. Garbina, Nancy A. Rigdon, Stacey A. Van Gelderen, and Vanessa L. Woodcock


Creating the Role of Crissy in Hair, Yu Miao

Ethanol-Biodiesel Research, Andrew Mickelson, Tyler Uilk, Veseuako Ndjarakana, and Alfred Samuel

Art as a Business: The Feasibility of a Nonprofit Performing Arts Start-Up in Minnesota, Angela Mickelson


Treatment of Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Systematic Literature Review, Bethanie M. Miller

The Spatial Development of Painting and Its Relationship to Color, Line & Form, Jason J. Miller

Affects of Divorce on College Students' Relationships, Sarah Milow

Understanding Forensic Anthropology, Summer Mitchell

Y2K: Preparing Your Business for Transition, Rachel A. Moldan and Brooke E. Bauleke

Collecting the Right Data? Condition Assessment for City of Richfield Water Main Pipes, Ian Moran and Chancellor McDonald

Usability Testing: Impacts on Web Design, Patrick Morrow

Manipulation of Emotion: Construction of History at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Elizabeth Moses

Expanding Concepts of Rites of Passage, Hilary Mueller

The Affects of Treadmill Inclination on a Blood Lactate Accumulation at Steady State Workloads, James Mullenix

Is There an Increase in Television Commercials that Contain Gender Stereotypes? A Content Analysis of MTV Commercials, Nicole Mundahl

Paleoarchaeology at the Gault Site in Southern Texas, Wendy Munson

Testing the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash - Do they Help One Another or Hinder, Wendy Munson

Shopping for Culture: Adventures in the Supermarket, Wendy S. Munson

Expression of the Dancing Body Without the Face, Kaitlin Murray

The Mean Length of Utterance in Narratives of Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Karine Murray, Vickie Benda, Sara Hanson, and Becca Meger