Documents From 2016


Examining Early Childhood Gender Socialization Through Children’s Picture Books, Kendra Leigh Pospisil


Use of Bridging Strategy between the Ensemble Kalman Filter and Particle Filter for the Measurements with Various Quasi-Gaussian Noise, Sumathi Prabhakaran Jeyakumari


Training Coping Techniques to Reduce Statistics Anxiety, Brittany Prothe

Effects of the Endothelin Receptor Blockade on Pressure-Natriuresis in Ercised and Sedentary SHR Female Rats, Juan Jose Quesada Olarte and Okhumhekho Kassim

Reactive Oxygen Species Effects on Lysozyme, Jacob Rachuy

Relationship of Vpx and APOBEC3A, Jacob Rachuy

Genetic Variability of Psilostomatid Isolates from Different Waterfowl Species Collected at Lake Winnibigoshish, Minnesota, Jacob Rachuy and Stephanie Holtorf


Impact of the 2015 Earthquake on Women in Nepal, Christina Rajbhandari


Process Improvement by Lean Thinking in Trucking Industry, Abhiram Reddy Ramasahayam

Effects of Cardiac Arrhythmic Mutant D95V on Calmodulin Structure and Stability, Jessica Ranke

Hybrid Renewable Power Systems: Analysis of Feasibility and Design, Katherine Rasley

Modeling of Renewable PSH Systems, Katherine Rasley, April Levar, Kurtis Nelson, and Marcell Meacham


Bakken Crude Oil and the Changing Logistics of the American Oil Industry, Austin Rau


A Floristic Study of the Oak Leaf Lake Unit of the Swan Lake Wildlife Management Area in Nicollet County, Minnesota, Heidi Rauenhorst

Pondering Processes Used by Families Managing the Chronic Illness Experience, Tara Reynolds

Are Hypothyroidism-Induced Reductions in Brain Derived Igf1 Due to Reducations in Serum Growth Hormone?, Anna Rice and Alec Wright

Morphological Distortion among Post-Ossified Larval Fish in Varying Durations of Alcohol and Formalin Solutions, Endora Roberts

Amygdala Morphology and Neurogenesis in the Green Anole Lizard, Jadden Roddick, Nicholas Booker, and Abodalrahman Algamdy

Psychological Comprehension, Haley Rohloff and Katelyn Hakinson

Am I Still a Slave?: An Analysis of Critical Race Theory, Thomas Rolph

Structure and Anatomy of Bone from Male C57/BL6 Mice with Reduced Testosterone Levels, Katie Rubitschung and Casey Hovey


How Multilinguals Perceive Linguistic Interference, Amanda Ruskin

Pavement Light Absorbance: Melting Snow to Make Roads Safer, Megan Sandberg


Perceptions of Female Sexual Pathology: The Role of Racial Biases in Clinical Decision Making., Jerusha Sanjeevi

Sex Worker Stigma: The Influence of Job Title on Victim Empathy, Zoe Schaefer and Kayla Van Amber


Assessing the Effect of Personality Characteristics of Minnesota Golfers on the Brand Equity of Golf Drivers, Eric Schinella

Nutrition between Faculty and College Students, Jessica Schisel, Holly Wick, Pa Xiong, and Maika Xiong


Patient Empathy & Effects on Health Outcomes, Erin Elizabeth Schliesman


Closed for Business, Tyler Schrandt

7-Day Project, Joshua Schutz and Hanna Newman

Cognitive Abilities & Language Skills in People with Aphasia, Laura Schwickerath and Cassie Ross

Perceptions of Safety within Residence Halls at a Midwestern College Campus, Alissa Shape, Jade Anderson, Stephanie Feldman, and Ellen Hammerschmidt


Perceptions of Safety within Residence Halls at a Midwestern College Campus, Alissa R. Shape, Ellen Hammerschmidt, Jade Anderson, and Stephanie Feldman


Directing Time Stands Still, Michael Bradley Sheeks

URC Abstract Design for Manufacture of FSAE Uprights, Alexander Sheldon

Veteran Stereotypes, Katherine Sherrard

Blended Ethanol Fuels on Small Engines, Paris Smith

Blebbistatin Effects on Muscle Protein Myosin Function, Tatiana Soboleva

The Industrialized Agricultural System: Corn, Candy, Disease, and Dependence, Nicole Soley


“Reality” TV: Portrayals of Labor and Birth in a Mainstream Reality Series One Born Every Minute, Nicole Soley, Lauren Sobotta, Kyrsten Harper, and Rebecca Rand

The Effect of Steroid Hormones on Neuronal Size and Number in Two Brain Regions Important for Reproduction, Jaeyoung Son

Personality Differences in Deception Detection, Samuel Spencer


Concerning the Interaction of Forms, Luke Splinter

Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel, Samuel Starks and Trevor Krueger


Finding Parenthood- Parental Identity through Assisted Reproductive Methods and the Implications for Efficacy Based and Worth Based Self-Esteem, Ashley Rae Steckler

Understanding Influences on Successful Performances in Groups, Kendra Steinberg and Paige Wheeler

Airfare in Domestic Non-Stop Hub-To-Hub Markets: A Time Series Analysis, Karl Stenerson


ArtScience, Dustin Swiers

The Effect of Wounding on the Expression of MicroRNAs in Peas, Estelle Sonya Tachago Kamdom

Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships, Kathy Thao

Testing the Effects of a Soil Amendment of Aged Straw and Three Mulching Treatments on the Growth of Minnesota Native Prairie Species in a Proposed On-Campus Prairie Demonstration Garden, Addeline Theis

Monarch Abundance Across and Urban Gradient, Desirea Thole

Coordinating Processes Used by Families Managing the Chronic Illness Experience, Lauren Thompson

The Influence of Weight on Age of First Consensual Sexual Activities, Nicole Thompson

Microbial and Carbon Cycling Analysis of Leaf Litter in an Agricultural Landscape during the Decomposition of Varying Lignin Composition of Sorghum Bicolor, Celsey Tiry

Interactive LED Ping Pong Table, Dominique Torres and Nathan Kannas


El espacio como constructor de identidad en los cuentos de Julio Ramón Ribeyro, Anna Vanessa Torres Mallma

Finding a Soil Dwelling Bacterium that Precipitates Calcium Carbonate and has Urease Activity, Andrew Tully


Are They Listening?: Revisiting Male Privilege and Defensive Learning in a Feminist Classroom, Cameron A. Tyrrell


2016 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University - Mankato


Bullying in Senior Living Facilities: A Qualitative Study, Felicia Jo VandeNest

Therapeutic Benefits of Art Therapy with Older Adults with Dementia, Monica Villarreal


Speaking through the Silence: Narratives, Interaction, and the Social Construction of Sexual Selves, David Wayne Wahl


The Sound Design of Antigone, Luke Jacob Walchuk


Every(day) Identities in Forensics: Performing Identities Within the Constraints of Intercollegiate Forensics, Julie Louceil Germain Walker

Enhancing an Offline Transcriber for the Speech Recognition Virtual Kitchen, Zhejian Wang and Sungwoo Choi

Lessons of Virtue: Portrayals of Women in Dutch Genre Painting, Keely Wardyn

Mommy Motives: On the Intersections of Motherhood and Sexual and Reproductive Education, Shannon Weiss and Quentina Dunbar

Mood and Engagement Contagion in a Call Center Environment, Sarah Welsch


Faculty and Student Perceptions of Effective Online Learning Environments, Kayla L. Westra


Student Perceptions of Academic Advising at Two-Year Colleges, Wayne T. Whitmore


Sexing While a Survivor: Black Queer Desire, Je-Shawna C. Wholley


Queer Stories of Coming Out in the 21st Century, Bradley Wolfe

A Study of the Dynamics of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) using Various Models for Generating Action Potentials within Neurons, Reed Woyda

Using Immunohistochemistry to Determine FAM171B Expression in the Brain, Ka Xiong, Kayla Kermode, and Natalie Klein


Why Do Some Employees Readjust to Their Home Organizations Better Than Others? Job Demands-Resources Model of Repatriation Adjustment, Yukiko Yamasaki


La Identidad Ecuatoriana a Través del Humor de Miguel Antonio Chávez, Luis Enrique Yanez


Young Adults’ Attitudes and Perceptions on Health Insurance and their Health Insurance Literacy Levels, Law Yang


Creating the Role of Frederick Barrett in Titanic: The Musical, Adam Val Yankowy

The Effect of Sweeteners on the Renin Angiotnesin System, Natalie Young

Well-Known Techniques Lead to Memory Improvement in Students, Luke Zabel and Rebecca Osborn

A Comparison of Benthic Slednet and Surfact Slednet Gears with Sampling Microinvertebrates, Chelsa Zblewski

Submissions from 2015


Pakistan's Partition: Search for National Identity, Akmal Abdulmuminov

Morphological Analysis of Chemical Elements in Fish Scales, Henruka Abugre and Keith Ngede

Studying the Cellular Mechanism of Muscle Structure in Caenorhabditis Elegans, Marianne Adamek and Jessica Bauman


The Relationship Between Opportunity for Physical Activity and Classroom Behavior in School Aged Children., Kortney Lee Aeikens


Ellen Ahlness Honors Portfolio, Ellen Ann Ahlness

Modeling of Petroleum Generation, Williston Basin, North Dakota, Fayaz Ahmed

Using Helical Strakes on Pole Structures to Reduce Vibration from High-speed Winds, Khalid Aldalbahy and Moath Aldalbahy


Mohamed AlDuhbani Honors Portfolio, Mohamed Khaled AlDuhbani


Sound Design for Our Town, Anna Warda Alex


Depintrix, Samantha Mae Allen


Air Flow and Rain Water Penetration Analysis on Generator Enclosures Using CFD Simulations, Sasanka Andawatta Kankanamge

A Woman's Place: The Non-Subservient Role of Women in Medieval England, Bethany Anderson

The Effect of Study Abroad on Language Development and Intercultural Competence, Kate Anderson


Botswana and Mauritius: A Comparative Analysis of an Economic and Political Success Story in the Most Unlikely Region, Richard Armah


Relationship between Nurses' Job Satisfaction and Quality of Healthcare They Deliver, Samuel Aron

Precast Concrete Bridges, Mustafa Bahreldin


Treating Public Speaking Anxiety: A Comparison of Exposure and Video Self-Modeling, Emily Marie Bartholomay

Faculty Assessment Practices for Academic Integrity, Kimberly Bastien