Documents From 2015


Behavioral Implications of a Cognitive Training Program for Individuals with Moderate Cognitive Impariment, Joseph L.D. Kennedy


Literacy Strategies Successfully Implemented by Secondary Social Studies Teachers, Kelly Killorn


Temporal Localization of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (Igf1) Positive Cells in Developing Hypothyroid Brain, Shelby Anne Kline


What Happens Now?: Identity and Commitment Among Lesbian Women With the Passing of Same-Sex Marriage Laws in Minnesota, Kendra Michaela Klump

A Virtual Machine Toolkit to Impelemtn Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Rajeev Kodippily


The Impact of Performance-Based Assessment on University ESL Learners' Motivation, Kadidja Koné

Expression and Localization of the Novel Polyglutamine Protein FAM171B, Robert Kraft


Religiosity, Spirituality, and Quality of Life Among Selected University Students, Abby Austin Kreitlow

Statistical Model of Flood Damage in Southern Minnesota, Michael Kuhnly


The Relationship Between Sexual Functioning and Sleep Quality in A Female Undergraduate Student Sample, Alexander Kuka


Las etapas de transformación de la figura femenina en el exilio en Primavera con una esquina rota, "Geografías" y "Como Greenwich" de Mario Benedetti, Maria Liliana Labrador Morales


The Influence of Perceived Similarity, Affect and Trust on the Performance of Student Learning Groups, Jennifer Louise Lacewell

Legislating the Distinct Society: The Attempt to Preserve Quebec's Language and Culture, Luke Larson

Subgroup Pro-Ana, Julia Lautizi and Trae Boldthen

Classroom iPads: More than Fun and Games, Alexi LeClaire and Riley Holmes

Biocompatibility of Hydroxyapatite and Stainless Steel Alloys, Jooyoung Lee and Karleen Doering

Effect of Steroid Hormones on Neurogenesis in the Brain of the Green Anole Lizard, You Na Lee and Jaeyong Son

Estimation of Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis Viability Via Flow Cytometric Measurement of Membrane Potential, Alex Lieser

Internalization of Escherichia coli (E. coli) into Lettuce Leaves through Stomata; Bruised vs. Unbruised leaves, Jote Limeneh and Lucy Saidu

Quantifying How Long Learning Takes: A Look at Machine Learning and Blackjack, Dustin Lindquist


A Phenomenological Study of the Experience of Counseling for Women with Addictions, Jennifer Karin Londgren


Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) Habitat Associations in Four West-Central Minnesota Lakes, April Rose Londo

Wear Properties of 3D Printed Stainless Steel-Bronze Composite, Hunter Ludwig and Tad Joel

Precast Concrete in Developed versus Developing Countries, Kledi Luzha


Children's Picky Eating and the Role of Family Environments, Maureen Lyons

Defining Picky or Selective Eating Behaviors of Children age 2-16 years and Situational Environmental Impacts, Maureen Lyons


Bdote and Fort Snelling: A Place of Frame Disputes and Contested Meanings, Jason Mack

Bedecke deinen Himmel, Zeus!* Goethe and the Quest for Individual Sovereignty, Anthony Magestro


Bedecke deinen Himmel, Zeus! Goethe and the Quest for Individual Sovereignty, Anthony D. Magestro

An Investigation of Discrimination Among Female African American Ballet Dancers in the United States, Emily Magnuson

Uprights, Robert Mahrer


A Grounded Theory of Women's Leadership Experiences in Higher Education: Navigating from the Director Level, Laura Ann Maki


Machining Strategies Exploring Reduction in Energy Consumption, Abdullah Al Mamun

The Impact of a Changing World on Modern Dance in the 1930 and 1940's America, Megan Marcy


Unapologetic Self, Aashish Maskey

Name That Disorder: Exposure to Mental Health Conditions and Their Impact on Disorder Identification, Rachel Mattick

How Rural Families Cope when a Loved one is Diagnosed with an Eating Disorder, Alexis McCall

Meritopless, Luke McCann


Outdoor Education Integrated Curriculum Program Impact on Adolescent Self-Authorship, Amanda Lee McGowan


An Examination of Eisenia fetida Coelomic Fluid for Antimycobacterial Activity, Christopher William Meiers


Traditional Methods Versus TPRS: Effects on Introductory French Students at a Medium-Sized Public University in the Midwestern United States, Rishani Samari Merinnage De Costa


Students' Perceptions of Life Skill Development in Project-Based Learning Schools, Kimberly Ann Meyer

Qualitative Analysis of Bluff Erosion and Changes in the Le Sueur River, Samantha Meyer and Nate Kirkwold


Depth of a Salesman: Exploring Personality as a Predictor of Sales Performance in a Multi-Level Marketing Sample, Colleen Rose Miller

Understanding the Fit-Ideal: Exploring How Women Who Lift Conceptualize and Experience Images of Ultra-Fit Women in the Media, Kelsey Mischke


The Muscular Female Athlete: Negotiating Conflicting Identities and Bodies, Kelsey J. Mischke

Locating the Muscle Protein FER-1: A Protein in Muscle Repair with Implications for Muscular Dystrophy, Michael Morehead

Personal Renaissance, Karen Muller

Blebbistatin Effects on Myosin Structural Dynamics, Brittany Negley


Hydrologic and Temperature Regime Influence on Growth and Recruitment of Fishes in an Upper Midwest Riverine Ecosystem, Brett Donald Nelson

Is Precast Concrete a Cost-Effective Way to Build?, Dylan Nelson

Special Education Teacher Training and Knowledge of Behavior Assessment and Intervention Practices, Jennifer Nelson and Lauren Bennewitz

The Effect of Sweeteners on Nox 4 mRNA and Protein Expression in the Rat Kidney, Logan Newman

E85, Loc Ngo, Larry Xiong, and Tom Zingsheim

Precast Concrete vs. Traditional Building Methods, Peter Nickel


The Impact of Formative Feedback on Student Motivation to Write in Eighth Grade English Courses, Dayna Nielsen


Rwandan University EFL Teachers' Perceived Difficulties in Implementing Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Jean Bosco Ntirenganya

The Role of MicroRNA 393 in Defense Against Phytophthora Sojae in Soybeans, Andrew Oeltjenbruns


Model-Based Verification for SIMULINK Design, Victor Oke


Investigating Stability Balls in the Classroom: Effects on Student Behavior and Academic Productivity, Natasha A. Olson

Analyzing Interaction Between Two Proteins Related to Crohn’s, Kwame Opoku Akyeampong and Garret Fitzsimmons


Derivation and Validation of the Friction, Gravitational, and Air Forces Encountered during Installation of Fiber Optic Cable, Faheed Olayemi Owokoniran

Pre-Service Teachers' Knowledge of Test Accommodations and Modifications, Kristen Paulsen

Vascular Regrowth after Partial Hepatectomy in Rats, Andrea Paumen, Rachel Thompson, and Rachel Ledding

Limon's Work Infused with Mexican Heritage, Sergio Peredia

Design of a Pilot Tube Dispensing Mechanism, Lucas Peter, Mark Dolenc, Joshua Haukom, and Sidi Bah

Inverse Bridge Health Monitoring Method, Daniel Peterson and Garrick Murphy


Makenzie Petzel Honors Portfolio, Makenzie Jo Petzel


Zachary Petzel Honors Portfolio, Zachary Andrew Petzel

Survival of Verminephrobacter in Amputated Worm Tails, Anh Pham


Early Career Principal Development: A qualitative case study of Principals' Perceptions of Participation in the Institute of Engaged Principal Leadership, Teri Marie Preisler

Political Passion: A Series of Woodcuts, Niko Price


She Got Her Period: Men's Knowledge and Perspectives on Menstruation, Ishwari Rajak

Combining Oxyrase® and Conditioned Medium to Improve the Resuscitation of Dormant Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis, Chandru Ramana

Minnesota and the Logistics of Bakken Crude Oil, Austin Rau


Austin Rau Honors Portfolio, Austin Thomas Rau

Carbon and Nutrient Cycling in an Agricultural Landscape as a Function of Lignin, Amanda Rector


Revisiting the Nelson Site: Recent Archeological Investigations and Material Analysis, Jason Reichel

Monstrosity from the Medieval to the Renaissance, Jessica Reich


Anna Rice Honors Portfolio, Anna Grace Rice

Assessment of Occupational Burnout and Stress Coping Mechanisms among Christian Clergy Members, Taylor Rider and Anastasia June Humphers-Ginther

Baseline Cultural Competency among Undergraduate Students at MSU, Mankato, Amanda Roche, Olufolajimi Onadipe, and Oguljan Jumakuliyeva

The Influence of Men in Modern Dance, McKenzie Rubenzer


Direct Care Staff and Influential Factors, Michelle Jean Ryan

An Efficient Aerodynamic System for Formula SAE Competition, Philip Ryan


Data and Metadata: Externalizing the Inner TCBOK, Anders Rydholm

LEED Rating Using Precast Concrete, Aidrus Salim


Impact of Caregiving Role in the Quality of Life of Family Caregivers for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease, Supriya Sarkar

The Analysis of Emotionality Linked to Identifiable Names on Facebook Confession Pages, Trevor Schabert

Geochemical Fingerprinting of Glacial Sediments in Southern Minnesota, Daniel Scheeler

Effectiveness of Computer-Aided Instruction Program in Reading among Struggling First and Second Graders, Miranda Schlangen


Sun-Compass Orientation During Natal Dispersal in Hatchling Blanding's Turtles (Emydoidea blandingii), Meredith Anne Schlenner

Preservation of the Welsh Language, Maria Schmit

Concrete vs Plastic, Cody Schulze


Joint Attention Intervention with Assisting Parent­ Mediated Techniques to Increase a Toddler with Autism Spectrum Disorders' Use of Joint Attention: A Single Case Study, Rebecca Schulz

Assessing Students’ Self-efficacy in Entry Level Health Education Competencies upon Completion of their Coursework., Sarah Schumacher

Body Prints: Humans Being Powerless, Kelsey Schwartz

Sexism Towards Female Professors on the Minnesota State University, Mankato Campus, Justine See and Lauren Bach


Increasing Paraprofessional Fidelity of Implementation Through Performance Feedback, Dana Nicole Shea


Hypothyroidism and the Development of Hypertension, Kaleb Short