This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Events from 2021

The Relationship Between Tone and Level of Understanding of Written Instructions by Undergraduate Sorority Women, Karen J. Luepke

Targeting Epigenetic Regulators of Lymphoma via PROTAC Molecules, Shelby Lund

A Record of Wrongs, Kayla Lutes


Joint Religiosity Among Satanists as a Predicator of Sexual Satisfaction, Tayler M. Lyng

The Effects of Exercise in WKY Pregnant Female Rats on Fetus Health, Laura Madsen

The Comparison of Abandoned Utterances in Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Tracy MaGill, Angie Olson, Donna Eberly, and Elizabeth Gormely

Among the Padded Footsteps, Michael Malmberg

Functional investigation of the Type IX Secretion System Regulatory Pathways in Flavobacterium johnsoniae, Ireland Manning

Increasing Retention for Those Who Work with the Developmentally Disabled, Jennifer Marcus

Detection of Hα Stellar Emission, Thomas Marks

Monte Carlo Simulation of Lutz-Kelker Corrections, Tom Marks

Determining the Ploidy and Counting Chromosomes of Packera paupercula Using Stain and Squash Techniques on Microsporocytes Within Immature Anthers, Bruce Martems


Risk Communication and COVID-19: An Exploration of Best Practices, Allie Martens

E85 1999 Chevrolet Silverado: A Conversion by Minnesota State University, Mankato for the "1999 Ethanol Vehicle Challenge", Steve Mathison and Jesse Boyle


Unveiling Race and Japanese Identity Through Kokusai Kekkon, Manami Matsuoka

The Effects of Wounding and Ethylene on Cellular Fatty Acid Composition of Avena Sativa, Judith J. Mayer and Dwight R. Stoll


Maryanne Mbiu Honors Portfolio, Maryanne Mbiu

Getting a "Feel" for Poetry from the Spanish-Speaking World, Shannon McArdle


Paternal Postpartum Depression Screening: A Critical Measurement that is Long Overdue, Nicholas C. McClellan

Phylogenetic Analysis of Freshwater Sediment Bacteria Cultured from a Phenol Enrichment Microcosm, Warren McCormick

Assessing Students' LASSI Performance, Claire McDavid and Kailing Aw


Exploring the Opportunity and Archievement Gap: The Capacity of Inclusive Outdoor Adventure Programming in Alleviating Youth Educational Inequity, Sarah E. McDonald

Mesoamerican Influence on Mississippian Cultures, Allen R. McGregor

Human Sexuality, Karri McKee

Optimal Precipitation of Organotin Fluorides by Cation Exchange, Karri McKee and Justin Steward


Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a High-Speed, Low-Cost Atomic Force Microscope Housing and Distance Measurement System, Jonathan Menke

Differences in Reported Attractive Features in Persona Advertisements from Rural and Urban Settings, Paul Merlini

Sexual Behaviors and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in College Students, Kellee J. Meyer, Nicole S. Garbina, Nancy A. Rigdon, Stacey A. Van Gelderen, and Vanessa L. Woodcock


Creating the Role of Crissy in Hair, Yu Miao

Ethanol-Biodiesel Research, Andrew Mickelson, Tyler Uilk, Veseuako Ndjarakana, and Alfred Samuel

Art as a Business: The Feasibility of a Nonprofit Performing Arts Start-Up in Minnesota, Angela Mickelson


Treatment of Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Systematic Literature Review, Bethanie M. Miller

The Spatial Development of Painting and Its Relationship to Color, Line & Form, Jason J. Miller

Affects of Divorce on College Students' Relationships, Sarah Milow


“Whose Team Is It Anyway?”: Exploring the Impact of Coaching Changes on Forensics Team Culture, Brenton Lynn Mitchell

Understanding Forensic Anthropology, Summer Mitchell

Y2K: Preparing Your Business for Transition, Rachel A. Moldan and Brooke E. Bauleke

Collecting the Right Data? Condition Assessment for City of Richfield Water Main Pipes, Ian Moran and Chancellor McDonald


Comparing Various Robust Estimation Techniques in Regression Analysis, Tracy S. Morrison

Usability Testing: Impacts on Web Design, Patrick Morrow

Manipulation of Emotion: Construction of History at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Elizabeth Moses

Expanding Concepts of Rites of Passage, Hilary Mueller

The Affects of Treadmill Inclination on a Blood Lactate Accumulation at Steady State Workloads, James Mullenix

Is There an Increase in Television Commercials that Contain Gender Stereotypes? A Content Analysis of MTV Commercials, Nicole Mundahl

Paleoarchaeology at the Gault Site in Southern Texas, Wendy Munson

Testing the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash - Do they Help One Another or Hinder, Wendy Munson

Shopping for Culture: Adventures in the Supermarket, Wendy S. Munson

Expression of the Dancing Body Without the Face, Kaitlin Murray

The Mean Length of Utterance in Narratives of Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Karine Murray, Vickie Benda, Sara Hanson, and Becca Meger

The Effects of Negative and Positive Feedback on Confidence in Creative Task Performance, Elizabeth Nelson

Kangaroo Court, Ty Newcomb

Attitudes Toward Obesity, Weight Loss, and Weight Loss Relapse, Mollie Newhouse

Contrasting Oak Responses to Water Stress - Osmolyte Profiling Across Species, Joseph Newman

Adsorption of Organic Compounds on Clay, Lucie N'Guessan

Interpersonal Communication as an Online Course, Darrell Niemeic

Antibiotic Sensitivity Profiles of Culturable Freshwater Bacteria, Sara Niemeyer

Refugee and Immigrant Transition from the Female Perspective, Rachel Noah

The United Nations and OPEC, Strange Bedfellows?, Rachel Noah

Family Waiting: Genetic Testing, Kaitlyn Oberg, Emily Olson, Mallory Steinmetz, and Sophia Schultz


Novice Professional School Counselor Development: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Supports and Resources, Lynn M. O'Brien


Spatial Patterns of Crime in District 05, Quito-Ecuador, 2016-2020, Pablo Esteban Ochoa Veloz

Emily Dickinson: American Pioneer, Judy Ochs and Bianna Weber

Effect of Thyroid Hormone Transporters in Adrenal Cortex Remodeling, Amayah Ockenga


The Power of Perserverance: Creating the Roles of Hippodamia and Pythia in Atreus, Lindsey L. Oetken


Proposed Data Governance Framework for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), Rejoice Okoro


Resident Centered Behavioral Health: A Program Evaluation, Anna Olinger

Preliminary Assessment of Phosphate Contribution to Mills Lake, Minnesota, from Agricultural Tile Systems, Ole Olmanson

A Study of Biofilm Formation in a Low-Nutrient System, Tom Olsen


Comparing the Acceptability of Treatment Rationales for Two Psychotherapies, Marin Gail Olson

The Importance of Measuring Air Velocity on a Race Car, German Orrego, Casey Plender, and Kushan Sameera

APOBEC3A Mediated Genome Targeting of the Thyroid Hormone Response Element, Abbigail Osgood

Family Coping in the Time of COVID-19, Ivy Packard, Kiara Brown, Cassandara Flaata, and Emma Vogel

Use of a Pedometer to Impact Habitual Activity in Sedentary Adults, Nicole Palacios

Why Do We Stop Exercising?, Nicole Palacios


The Impact of Cultural Competency on the School Improvement Process: A Phenomenological Study, Michelle deKam Palmieri

Investigation of Pulsed Eddy Current Effect for Multi-Target Non-Destructive Testing, Yaman Pandey

Cellular Localization Determinants of the HIV-2 Vpx Protein, Ramsey Pankratz

Impact of Supplemental Technology on Student Performance, Kade Patterson, Emma Knutson, Mykenzie Cole, and Samantha Kozelek

The Effects of an Inlet Restrictor on the Performance of a Turbocharger, Deven Paulsen

Purification of Actin Capping Protein Alpha Subunit Fusion Proteins, Ryan Peck and Justin Peltola


Understanding the Implications of HPV Infection: Does Parental Education Impact HPV Vaccination Completion Rates?, Heather A. Pederson

Bound Morpheme Usage of Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Hilary Penner, Samantha Schindle, Emi Karino, Miranda Davis, and Christen Conrad

The Effects of Multiple Thermal Environments on Mother-Infant Contact and Blood Pressure in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats, Corey Perez


The Impact of Social Media on Teenage Females Self-Esteem, Amanda C. Perkovich

COVID-19 Impacting Care Partners Assisting Socialization for Dementia Friendly Chorus, Anna Peterson and Tatyana Soloviyov


Mediating the German Case System Through Concept-Based Instruction in an Online Learning Environment, Lea Pienkoss

The Effect of Specific and General Verbal Statements on Self- Efficacy Strength, Amy Posner and Gretchen Walker

Using Social Cognitive Theory to Predict Behavior, Amy Posner and Gretchen Walker

A Female Political Body?: The Growing Role of Women in Politics, Courtney Powell

Oxygen Abundances in the Rings of Polar-Ring Galaxies, Ian R. Radtke

Standard Frame Structure for Future E-Commerce, Mohammad Arifur Rahman

Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2002, Cory Ranweiler and Nick Bredemus

A Method and Apparatus for Testing Cohesion Between 40 μm to 50 μm, SAC305 Solder Spheres, Cohen Rautenkranz, Vadim Kuleshov, Sreymom Men, Edward Sweeney, and Napoleon Kwamesa

Sentimental Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Related Tweets, Mohannad Rayani

How Normative Beliefs Affect Procrastination Rates in College Students, Adam Recknagel

The Effects of a Fish’s Fins in a Terrestrial Jump, Mackenzie Reed


2021 URS Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center

Profanity and You: Exploring the Acceptability of Swearing in Today's Culture, Rebecca Rick


Dylan Riess Honors Portfolio, Dylan James Riess

From Fairy Tale to Ballet, "The Sleeping Beauty.", Julie Robbins