Theses/Dissertations from 2023

To Capture the Sea, Hannah Anderson

A Long Road, KenDarian Ortae Carter

The Bizzare Fantastic, True Dabill

Tales from Respite, OH, Jake Demers

Parcels, Holly N. Dodge

New Industry: The Town that Owned the Future, Talitha Greaver

Demon Off the Trail, Jack Harris

Inkblot, Jayden Lopez

A Mexican American Stuck in Egypt: Poems about everyday Chicano expatriate life in the Cradle of Civilization, Thomas Maldonado

Good People: A Collection of Short Stories and Essays, Cordis Paldano

The Transient, Pritika Pradhan

Navigation: One Woman's Quest to Hitchhike Around the World on Sailboats, Glenda Reed

THE BODY OF A FROG A Memoir on Searching for Ways to Love an Unconventional Self, Aarron Sholar

The Origin of Wolves, Elizabeth Thoelke

In the Weeds, Johanna Tollefson

Theses/Dissertations from 2022

Weddings, Funerals & Sermons, Hisham Arif

Love in Glass Jars, Kirstin Ruth Bratt

The Night Creatures, Eimile Campbell

Killer Winter, Starrla Cray

Ruby and the Wiz, Katrina Delghingaro

We Are a Collection, Marisel Glackler-Riquelme

The Desertianists, Collin Jones

No Shadow to Hide, Robyn Katona

Redolent, Anza Ahmed Malik

People we Only Know in Passing, Anthony Procopio Ross

Tiger Hunting, Maivboon Sang

Stretchmarks On Parchment, Krystal Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 2021

Landscape of Glass, Andrew Cannedy

Everything Living Dies, Curtis Larson

A Record of Wrongs, Kayla Lutes

Among the Padded Footsteps, Michael Malmberg

Kangaroo Court, Ty Newcomb

Theses/Dissertations from 2020

My Mother Gave Me a Man's Name, Connor Poff


Rendering 20th Century Peruvian Folklore for a 21st Century Reader: ES>EN Translation and Analysis of Peruvian Folktales and Mythology, Angela Walsh

Theses/Dissertations from 2015


Persona Obscura: A Collection of Essays on Identity and Perception, Heidi A. Fuhr