This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Portfolios from 2021


Dylan Riess Honors Portfolio, Dylan James Riess

From Fairy Tale to Ballet, "The Sleeping Beauty.", Julie Robbins

The Impact of the Scientific Revolution on the Arts in the Baroque Era, Thomas Roberts

Thomas Hardy: A Photographic Presentation, Rhonda Roesch

Generating a GPC-1 Knockout in Glioblastoma Cells Using CRISPR, Jamie Rogers


Jamie Rogers Honors Portfolio, Jamie Rogers


Redefiniendo la Protesta Indígena en los Andes: Representaciones en (y a Través de) la Literatura y los Medios Audiovisuales, Adriana Milena Rojas Castro

The Effect Of Maternal Exercise on the Offspring in a Rat Breed Genetically Related to Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats (SHR), but Having Normal Blood Pressure, Simone Rollins and Ronna Brands

The Aesthetic Investigation of the Dragon Image as Metaphor for Human Interaction, Allyson Rolph

Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Bat Mortality Caused by Wind-Energy Turbines in Southwestern Minnesota, Rebecca Rosendahl

MSU Student's Use of the MSU Website, Kristin Ruder

Evolution of Terrestrial Behaviors in Aquatic and Amphibious Fishes, Andrew Ruiz

Quality of Drinking Water in the Mankato Area School District: A Pilot Study, Afolabi Runsewe and Andrew Tippins

Methodology for Assessing Quality Software, Teri R. Ryland, Mohammad A. Saad, and Jarrett G. Sharp

Software Programs and Their Impact on Quality Control, Teri R. Ryland and Laura C. Seys

Mythic Rhetoric and the Construction of Paul Wellstone as Sacred Symbol, Cynthia Saba

Simple Cosmic Ray Detector, Jamal Saeed

Individuality and Geometry: The Selective Advantage of Knowing Oneself, Raazesh Sainudiin

Nisin Effects on Bacillus Cereus Endospore Germination, Meshack Sambu

Identification of Personal Characteristics Important in Mate Selection, Kristin Sandberg

Importance of Testosterone, Estradiol, and Dihydrotestosterone in Neurogenesis, Zachary Sandborgh and Brooke Miles

Students' Perception of Professionalism, Christina Sanders, Skylar Williams, Samantha Giannelli, and Teana Krolak

Expression of Total Fibronectin Protein in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat Aorta and Atria as a Function of Age, Gender, and Exercise, Megan Schatz

Mental Health Literacy in College Students, Emily Schiltz


The Primary Care Provider’s Role in Screening and Intervening in the Human Trafficking of Adolescents: A Systematic Literature Review, Brittany Schmid


Aquatic Macrophyte Communities in Five Sibley County (Minnesota) Lakes and the Factors that Affect their Distribution, Samuel A. Schmid

Driving the Competition: An Analysis of the Automotive Industry, Scott Schmidt and Keely Zwart

The Affects of Background Music on Word Recall, Tasha Schmidt

Stress: A Study of the Effects of Stress on Different Age Groups, Lacey A. Schulz and Erik Stenersen

Resilience - A Dance on Film, Emily Schumacher


Myles Schwartz Honors Portfolio, Myles Schwartz

Increasing Motivation Among Part-Time Workers, Desiree M. Schwarz, Jonathan L. Wilcox, Terry J. McDaniel, Pete G. Schwane, Lisa D. Breitenfeldt, and Dustin Kroeger

Exploring the Spatial Dispersion of Sub-Terrain Liquids, Elizabeth Sedgwick

Data Mining and Statistics: A Comparison of Data Analysis Techniques, Christina Sedlack

Affect of Consonant Type on Laryngeal Behavior, Allyson Segar and Karen Fatka

Measurement and Comparison of Dielectric Constants for Variations in the Superconductor YBa2Cu3O6+x, Jerry Sell

Ways by Which Extracurricular Activities May Impact English Language Learners (ELL), Paul Selman

Data Mining: Improving the Way We do Business, Megan Senson

Environmental Education Outreach to Hispanic Communities, Suzanne Sentman

Service-Learning Assessment, Julie Sergot and Jeanne Zwart

An Essay on Cultural Imperialism and the Language of Black Folk, Rashad Muhammad Shabazz


Aeolian Sand Stringers in the Upper Midwest, USA: Morphology, Stratigraphy, and Paleoenvironmental Significance, Kenzie L. Shandonay


The Critical Need for a Culturally Sensitive Suicide Risk Assessment Instrument for American Indian and Alaska Native Youth, Courtney E. Shaw


Implementation of Model-Free Adaptive Power Flow Control for Dual-Active-Bridge-Based AC-DC Converters, Qinghang Shen

Effect of Adrenergic Signaling On All-Trans-Retinoic Acid Synthesis In Brown Adipose Tissue, Tsion Sherbeza

What Do the Twitter Sentiments Say About the COVID-19 Vaccine?, Ilma Sheriff

Xtreme-NoC: Extreme Gradient Boosting Based Latency Model for Network-on-Chip Architectures, Ilma Sheriff


Xtreme-NoC: Extreme Gradient Boosting Based Latency Model for Network-on-Chip Architectures, Ilma Sheriff

A Regional Analysis of Radon Levels in Southern Minnesota, Michael Shores

ABC Accounting: The Managerial Effects, Angela Siebenaler

Getting a "Feel" for the Culture of a Spanish-Speaking Country, Marti Sievek

Family Vulnerability: Children, Haley Simonson, Angela Pha, Cassie Sorensen, and Emma Schaefer

Meanings of the "Rider's Song": Immersion in a Spanish Poem, J. Noble Simpson


Navigating Integration: A Grounded Theory of Practicing Clinicians' Experiences Integrating Neuroscience in their Mental Health Clinical Practice, Barbara K. Skodje-Mack

Pre-Methylation of Foreign DNA Improves Conjugation Efficiency in the Fish Pathogen Flavobacterium psychrophilum, Seada Sloboda

Wrestling with Politics: A Multi-Tiered Analysis of Jesse Ventura's Campaign, Seth-Michael Smith

Generation of Most-Probable-Number (MPN) Estimates of Indigenous Freshwater Bacteria Capable of Degrading Hydrocarbons, Sidik Sokwalla

The Eating Habits of a Mid-Western University: A Pilot Study, Jenny Sorenson

Memory Recall: The Role of Visual Aids in Instructions, Theresa R. Spear and Brooke A. Zeisel

A Performance on the Rewards and Frustrations of Teaching, Jason Spitzer

A Performative Program on Healing and the Kent State Tragedy, Jason Spitzer

The Potential of the Brain Pacemaker, Jason Spitzer

Coil Suppression, Samuel Squires


Effectiveness of Behavior-Based Counseling for Weight Loss Maintenance: A Systematic Literature Review, Jaime V. Stanczyk


“Positive” Student Behavior: Investigating Educator Perceptions of Student Behavior in Terms of Willingness to Reward and Magnitude of Reward, Kelsey Stangler

Removal of Triorganotin Halides from Reaction Mixtures, Justin Stewart and Luis Yanez

Creation of a Scalable Production Server Model, Patrick St. John

The Determination of a Threshold Level of Exogenous Methyl Jasmonate Effecting an Increase in Peroxidase Activity in Protoplasts of Avena Sativa, Dwight R. Stoll

An Initial Exploration of the Relationship Between Political Repression and Family Violence, Tom Stutsman


Effects of Voluntary Exercise on Pressure-Induced Natriuresis in Hypertensive Female and Male Rats, Keshari Sudasinghe

Development of Techniques for the Genetic Manipulation of the Fish Pathogen Flavobacterium psychrophilum, Lankesha Sudasinghe

The Influence of People's Anticipated Outcome on Their Information Seeking Behavior, Steve Sullivan

Bringing the High Redshift Universe to Instagram, Wen Sun


Brian Swancutt Honors Portfolio, Brian Swancutt

Genesis: The Problem with Oral Tradition, Kathryn Sween, Jennifer Owen, Melissa Stauffer, and Josephine Belina

A Study on the Housing Experiences of Somali Immigrants in Mankato, Sharifun Syed

Cultural Assimilation Seen in Islamic Architecture, Kozue Takahashi

Anthropology, Race, and Ethnicity in the Case of Japan, Azumi Takeda

Identification of Specific Phenol Hydroxylase Genes in Freshwater Bacterial Isolates, Masae Takezaki


Estrategias para el uso efectivo de la tecnología y la inclusión de la cultura en clases en línea de español como lengua extranjera a nivel universitario en los Estados Unidos, Daniel Tamez


Comparison of Sexual Risk Behaviors Between Junior Male and Female Students at Pierz High School, Sandy Tautges

A Critical Look at Archaeoastronomy and the Anasazi Culture of the American Southwest, Jennifer Taylor

The Amazons: Warrior Women of Ancient Greece, Myth or Reality?, Jennifer K. Taylor


Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to Cervical Cancer Screening in Asian American Women, Bouathong Thepsombath


Predicting Mental Health Counseling Professionals’ Willingness to Discuss Sexuality Issues with Clients, Becca L. Thompson

Physical Activity Levels and Coping Skills during the COVID-19 Transition to Online Learning in College Students, Alison Tokkesdal, Kaitlyn Vomhof, Zoe Stone, and Anja Enervold


Jacqueline Tomas Honors Portfolio, Jacqueline Tomas


Annalisa Tostenson Honors Portfolio, Annalisa Tostenson

Effects of Bisymmetrical and Bilateral Symmetrical Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Designs, Annalisa Tostenson and Peyton Wolf

Costume Preference Related to Gender: Does a Child's Gender Reflect Their Choice in Costumes?, Tracy Traetow

Gypsy Moth Survey, Carrie Trytten

Influence of the Media on Body Self-Image, Marie E. Tutewohl

Impact of Tire Temperature on Grip in a Racecar, Val Urman

Duncan, Dunham and Graham: A Comparative Study, Tracy Vacura

Diversity of Culturable Bacteria Isolated from Freshwater Sediments, Kimberly Van Denmark

PCR Detection of Clostridium botulinum Type C1 Toxin Gene from Swan Lake and Middle Lake Sediment Samples, Kimberly Van Denmark

Function of the Glycoside Hydrolase Family 8 Endoglucanases in Cytophaga Hutchinsonii Cellulose Utilization, Chouakou Vang

An Analysis of Migration Ability and Effects of Carboplatin and Cisplatin on Glioblastoma Cells with Proteoglycan Knockouts, Rachel VanKeulen


Because Wonder Will Always Get Us There: Directing Lauren Gunderson’s Silent Sky, James C. Van Oort

RPM Limiting System, Arjun Veerwal