This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Events from 2005

Utilization of Polythiophenolfor the Efficient Removal of Triorganotin Residues from Organic Reaction Mixtures, William T. Gilles

The Differences Between the Public and Private School Systems in Cuenca, Ecuador, Rachel Goodloe

Analysis of an E-85 Turbocharged Four-Stroke Snowmobile, Andrew Graham, Wade Kahout, Erik Shallbetter, Joseph Wrobel, Kevin Reiss, Andrew McNair, Bradley Bahneman, and Timothy Christensen

Mary Magdalene: Who Was She?, Jacey Greff

Photographic Representations of the Guanatjuatan Culture of Mexico, Nicole Guerre

Moving On, Marissa Hansen, Christopher Peterson, Jake Hjelmtveit, and Eric Hoffheiser

Characterization of Functional Abnormalities in Hearts of Transenic Mice Expressing Forms of Actin Capping Protein Defective in Attracting Thin Filaments to Z Lines, Brittney Harthaus and Katie Schroepfer

Diabetes Screening Among Uninsured and Underinsured Patients Using Random Blood Glucose Samples as an Indicator, Sara Hastings and Julie Boll

Responding to Direct Questions by Adolescents with Williams Syndrome and Their Typically Developing Peers, Kayla Howk, Laura Lindema, Erin Rath, and Amanda Simon

The Irish Famine in a New Light, Grady Hughes

Comparison of Macroinvertebrate Populations at Three Locations After Several Major Storm Events, Michelle Imes, Cindy Sparrow, and Robin Erickson

Preliminary Characterization of Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis Cell Entry Protein, Robert Johnson

Cellular Response in Earthworms to an Earthworm Pathogen, Masahiro Kakizaki

Bank Sloughing Contributions to Fluvial Suspended Sediment in the Blue Earth River, Blue Earth County, Minnesota, Erin King

Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Relationship Between Self-Enhancement and Attributions, Jennifer Kirkland

Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns of Escherichia coli Isolates from Tributaries of the Minnesota River, Lacey Klungseth

Academia is Really Difficult: A Reader's Theatre Examining the Hardships of University Professors, Emily Kofoed, Jamie Kunkel, Karie Menser, and Cynthia Saba

Evaluation of Pharmacogenomics and Its Applications to Biological Race, Emily S. Kofoed

The Sexualization of Female Athletes and the Female Sports Double Standard, Emily S. Kofoed

Martin Luther Stands in History as a Leader of the Protestant Reformation, Nickie Kranz

Trans Fatty Acids in the Diets of Adults at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Kristi Krenz

Testing and Evaluations of Ace Racings 6 1/4'' Triple Disc Clutch & 8" Clutch Disc and Floater, Jason Laimonis

Microcomputed Tomographic Analysis of Renal Microvascular Structure in Aging Rats, Ian Lalich and Michelle Taylor

Ferric Oxidation of Xylenol Orange as a Colorimetric Assay for Lipoxygenase Isoenzymes from Glycine Max, Derek Langeslay

Using Distance Sampling to Estimate Densities of Deer in Minnesota's Farmland Region, Michelle A. LaRue

Gendered Construction of the Female Identity, Julie Lemley

Inertia Dynamometer: Design and Primary Drive Clutch, Jeremy Losinski

Cold Start Improvement of an E-85 Powered Prius, Troy Loveland, Brian Prom, James Hawks, and Alex Taves

Identification of Soybean Lipoxygenase Products by Gas ChromatographyMass Spectroscopy (Gc-Ms), Rehan Ahmad Malik

Enhancing Law Enforcement Efficiency and Judgment Accuracy, Kristin Mansky

Genetic Differentiation of Natural River Otter Populations in Minnesota, Sunnie McCalla

Household Mold - A Reason for Concern, James McGrath

Ted Shawn: His dance Aesthetic and How It Affected American Concert Dance, Darcy Meier

A System for Labeling and Predicting Group Interaction in Meetings, Patrick Menning

Risk Factors of Suicidal Phenomenon: Prevention and Intervention, Lisa M. Meyer

Liver Vascular Alterations in Rats Due to Tumors Caused by Simian Virus 40, T. J. Meyer and Andrew Globa

Effects of Vitamin E Supplementation on 8- Hydroxydeoxyguanosine Concentration in Urine of Non-Fit Exercising Individuals, Ryan Miller

What 'Cannot Be Said' About Fear and Trembling, Joe Mohrfeld

Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard and the Unspeakable, Joe Mohrfeld

The Effects of Minimalism/Indeterminacy on the Merce Cunningham and John Cage Collaboration, Janelle M. Morrison

The Demographic Composition of Medically Undeserved Population in the United States, Ali Mudey

A Surgically Induced Low Aldosterone Rat Model, Elizabeth Muellenbach and Jessica Beadell

Interruptions in Conversational Speech: A Comparison of Children with Williams Syndrome and Their Typically Developing Peers, Julie Nelson, Katie Kendhammer, Cristen Schnabel, Martha Winch, and Bethany Holbeck

Microelectromechanical Power Sources, Marion O. Okoth

Morphological Characterization of Transgenic Murine Myocardium, Mohammed Omar

Agricultural Contribution to Water Quality in Southern Minnesota, Zachary Pelz

Effects of Stress During Sporulation on the Germination Rate of Spores, Irina Potoskaya

Campus Paper Waste, Joshua E. Randall

ESPN: 25th Anniversary, Joshua E. Randall

Spider-Man: Sacred vs. Profane, Joshua E. Randall

The Effect of Reduced Aldosterone Levels on the Development of Hypertension in the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR), Richard Robinson

Effect of Oxygen Depletion and Conditioned Media on the REcovery of Dormant Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis in Culture, Kelly Rock

Aids in American Concert Dance, Natalie Ann Roe


"Boxes": Exploring Gender Identity Through Performance, Desirée Dianne Rowe

Differences in Dissonance Reduction Tendencies Between Low-Context and High-Context Cultures, Jennifer Rye

Seasonal Dynamics of a High Arctic Lake, Lake Linne, Spitsbergen Island, Svalbard, Melanie Schimek

Higher Education and the Industrial Revolution in England, Dustin Schroepfer

The British Opium War and Public Opinion, Nicholas Schumer

Finding Keith Numbers Beyond 10^ 26, Sumit Shrestha

Investigation of a Possible Association between Waterfowl Deaths at Lake Onalaska and a Neorickettsiales-Like Organism, Derrek Skillings

Polymer Brushes as Potential Supports for Protein Microarrays, Elizabeth Smalley

Gender Differences in Perceptions of Sexual Harassment, Janica Smith

Renal Vasculature Changes in SHR Rats, Jolene Smith

Popular Agitation and British Parliamentary Reform, 1866-1867, Michael Snell-Feikema

The Application of Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing to Identify the Potential Association of Neorickettsiae in Migratory Waterfowl Deaths at Lake Onalaska, Kern Storo

Identification of Unique C-Terminus Binding Proteins of CP β1 and β2 Isoforms, Steve Sullivan

Genetic Analysis of Interacting Proteins, Noah Sutton

Methods for Analysis of Renal Microvasculature of Aging Rats Using Microcomputed Tomography and Analyze 6.0, Michelle Taylor and Ian Lalich

The Irish Immigration, Ya Thao

Amplichip: Diagnostic Tool of the Future, Lindsey R. Thompson

Islamica: Creating a Muslim-American Identity, Lindsey R. Thompson

Soft Drinks: A Legal Drink of Poison, Lindsey R. Thompson

2005 Formula SAE Project, Michael L. Tichy, Aaron Pilger, Dustin Kallhoff, Jamie Schlachter, Ryan Schommer, Thor Morales, Ben Gruenzner, Jason Kuenzli, Chris Kost, Justin Moe, Scott Rector, Paul Steevens, Mike Schmitz, Ryan Stebbins, and Nick Hanson


2005 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Quantification of Malondialdehyde in Exercise Participants, Travis Vander Steen

Disraeli, Gladstone, and the Reform Act of 1867, Justin Vossen

New Arrivals in Minnesota: A Comparative Analysis on White-European and Ethnic Minority Views on New Hmong Refugees, Sandy Vue and Susanne Nelson

Hemispheric Lateralization, Gender Differences in the Processing of Rapidly Presented Visual Information, Sarah Winkelman

Educating Aviators in Visualizing Weather, Scott R. Winter

An Analysis of the Social And Political Influences on the Judson Dance Theater, Meghan Wiste

Manufactured Fear, Media Manipulation, Allyssa Woodford

Self-Reported Ratings of Self-Esteem and Father-Daughter Relationship in Juvenile Offending, Jacquelyn Wright

Events from 2004

Histological Evaluation of the Cryo-Destruction of the Zona Glomerulosa (Outermost Layer) of the Adrenal Cortex, Huda Ahmed and Jonida Pone

Effects of Mead Production on Cultures of Early Medieval Northern Europe, Nathan Bailey

Optimal Precipitation of Organotin Fluorides by Cation Exchange and Subsequent Conversion to Organotin Chlorides, Ann Barnes

Development of Lightweight, Floatable Concrete, Jeffrey Bartz and Ben Dalsing

Homicidal Women and the Men They Kill: A Feminist Critique of How Female Killers are Inaccurately Represented by the Media, Sophia Bera

Identification of Interacting Proteins Via a Yeast Genetic Screen, Aja Bjerke and Noah Sutton

Losing Innocence, Alison Broderson, Andrea Bruton, Eric Groonwald, Amy Herron, Eric Hoffheiser, Josephine Jarvis, Joe Loweth, Amanda Nigon, and Jenny Sodomka

Assessment of Ferric-Reducing/Antioxidant Power in the Foliage of Several Tree Species, Christopher R. Buyarski

Wireless Location Determination: Using Existing 802.11 Wireless Networks to Determine a Users Location, Travis Calvert

William Blake: The Misunderstood Artist of the 19th Century, Jeannie Campe

Linguistic Analysis of Intraconversational Narratives of Speakers with Williams Syndrome and their Typically Developing Peers, Jill Carey, Cassandra Tepe, April Lundberg, Heather Hannigan, Amanda Sigler, Leisa Schmidt, Ann Schimmel, Melia Danielson, Amy Kruse, Margaret Kaufmann, and Brianne Linaman

Predator and Prey?: A Feminist Critique How Male and Female Sexuality is Represented in High School Sex Ed, Krista Chapman

A Literary Analysis of the Modem Hero's Quest, Monique Chenier, Nicolette Anderson, Patrick Cook, and Jon Surdo

Selectivity of Two Different Artificial Substrates in Collecting Macroinvertabrates, Molly Chermak, Alicia Hachfeld, Jenny Mocol, and Jesse Neyens

Effects of Academic Achievement and Gender on Self-Esteem, Melissa DeWilde

A Comparison of Traditional and Course Evaluation Methods, Christian Dinger

East Germany and the Reunification, Jason Doerre

Paleofluvial Study of Lower Cretaceous River Beds in Utah, Daniel Dorff