Events from 2006

Graduate Assistant Mistreatment: Students or Employees?, Joshua Randall

The Miracle on Ice: One Game That Impacted a Nation, Joshua Randall

Is It Really All About the Money: Motivating Employees in the 21st Century, Joshua Randall, Stacy Novotny, and Seth Larson

An Investigation of Student Perspectives on Classroom Resource Usefulness, Joshua Randall and Lindsey Thompson

Investigation of the Magnetic Properties of Strongly Correlated and Hybridized Electron Systems, Eric Raymer

The Use of Paralinguistics in Spontaneous Speech of Children with Williams Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Kelly Ritter, Evan Panitzke, and Emily Kruse

Effect of Conditioned Medium on the Recovery of Dormant Mycobacteria in Culture, Kelly E. Rock

Supreme Court's Error in 2002 Decision Makes for Unconstitutional Monetary Giveaway, Bailey Breck Rolfsrud

Implementation of a Segmented, Transactional Database Caching System, Benjamin J. Sandmann

A Study of Steroid Use in Sports, Terra Sandquist, Ashley Jay, Dan Krause, and Sara Halveson

Determination of Protein Expression in Transgenic Mice, Melissa Serreyn

Photographic Alternative Processes: An Exploration of Digital and Film Based Photography, Samantha Severson

Conical Helical Antenna, Sumit Shrestha

Utopian Literature, Lisa Sikkink

Nitrogen and Noble Gas Content in Solar Wind Samples from the Genesis Spacecraft, Jacob Simones

An Investigation into Human Decomposition in a Cold Climate Region: A Winter Ecosystem Effects on Postmortem Interval Estimates, Lecia Sims

Shirin Neshat Project, Molly Spartz

Offspring Effects of Impaired Aldosterone Secretion During Pregnancy in the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR), Benjamin Sticha and Lauren Haverstock

Sarbanes-Oxley Act - Section 404 Compliance And Review Assessment, Nida Sumar

Embedded Real Time Operating System for Pain Research, Corey Thibeault

Value in Individuals with Early Stage Alzheimers Disease, Lindsey A. Thisius

Comparisons of Language Network Representations for a Constrained Vocabulary Speech Recognition Task Using Commercially Available Software, Alex Thom and Ivan Marte

The Pseudo-Event of Charitable Work: Uncovering Wal-Mart's Hidden Agenda, Lindsey Thompson

So, What Are You Going to Do with That? A Look at Activism in the Lives of Women's Studies Students and Graduates., Kristen A. Trippe

Effects of Cryo-Destruction on 11β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Expression in Hypertensive Rats, Eminimoh Udomah


2006 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Anti-Machine Breaking Propaganda in Early Nineteenth-Century England, Rebecca Unetic

Bridging the Gap: Bringing Printmaking into the Visual Arts Curriculum, Breanne Urban

Self-Examination of Elders Who Have Transitioned into an Assisted-Living Facility: A Pilot Study, Becca Van Otterloo, Katie Griep, and Katie Hall

Simple Formulations of Thermodynamic Properties, Christopher Wagner

Men Teaching Men: Peer to Peer Violence Prevention in Campus Ministry, Philip Cruise Warren

Screening of Water for Fecal Contamination Using Human Fecal Anaerobe DNA as an Indicator, Lakmini Weeramantri and Masahiro Kakizaki

Cycle of Poverty and Unequal Educational Opportunities, Shayamini Weeramantri

Identification and Structural Characterization of the Major DNA-DNA Cross-Links of Anti-Cancer Agent Thiophene NCS 652287, Stacey Werner

The FLQ Manifesto, Stan Wheatman

How the 2003 HIPAA Laws Affected Chiropractic Clinics in the Mankato Area, Jessica Whitney, Jason Schilling, and Krista Gillen

Events from 2005

A Study of Artists at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Leah G. Anderson

The Introduction of Irrelevent Topics in Spontaneous Speech by Children with William's Syndrome and Typically Developing Children, Meggon Anderson, Kayla Pudwill, and Katie Trefethren

Alternatives to Freedom: Black Communism from 1860s-1940s, Todd Anderson

The Divisions of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and Their Various Influence on Various Art Forms, Kari Appel

The Effects of Constraints on Creativity, Jamie Aspenson

Hydrogeochemical Characterization of Prairie du Chien Bedrock Aquifer, Heidi Bednar and Renae Haycraft

Phenolic Concentrations in Typha angustifolia Growing in Three Wetland Communities, Ross Behrends

Poverty Distribution in a Developing City: A Case Study of Mankato, Robert Berger

Applying Early Existential Critiques to Contemporary Themes in American Culture, Erick S. Berquist and Derek J. Skillings

The Choreographic Process: Memory Fields, Nora Bichler

Dissolved Organic Matter Characterization Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Singlet Oxygen Production Rate, Alex J. Bloom


The Historical Geography of Good Thunder, Minnesota, 1870-2005, Robert L. Bothmann

Balanchine, Melanie Braam

Star Wars: A Humorous Analysis of the Social and Cultural Influence of the Films, David Brennan

The Study of Platinum Vapochromic Complexes, Rachel M. Burkard

Decomposition of a Native Grass Species in the Antartic Tundra, Christopher R. Buyarski

The Effects of Mowing on Populations of Small Mammals at Swan Lake Wildlife Management Area, Minnesota, Sonja A. Christensen and Bradley M. Behrens


A History of the Center for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Students on the Campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato, Kellian Clink

Privatized Military Firms: A Detriment to the United States, Matthew M. Collie

The Corneal Imaging System, Matthew M. Collie

Evolution of British Response to the Wars of German Unification: Influences on British Policy (1860-1880), Chad Core

Women in Politics: Gaining Entrance to Minnesota's Legislature, Jenna L. Covey

The Affects of Quantity and Quality in Adolescent Friendships and the Affects They Have on Adult Quality Friendships, Tina Coy

From Catholic Emancipation in 1829 to British Middle Class Emancipation in 1832?, Quinn L. Dauer

Community Planning and Citizen Engagement, Celme Divino and Teresa Menne

The 1000 Journals Project-A Communication Analysis Using Karen Mitchell's Theory of Seamless Intertexts, Elizabeth Dommerhausen

The Nontraditional Student and Computer Skills, Peter Doyscher

Past, Present, and Future Technologies in the Field of Weather Modification, Elizabeth Drommerhausen

Privatization and Commercialization of our National Parks, Elizabeth Drommerhausen

Comparative Analysis of Urban Design and Criminal Behavior: A Study of New Urbanism and Defensible Space as They Pertain to Crime, Afton Enger

An Ethnographic Study of the Communication Practices of a Recovering Alcoholic During the First Month of Sobriety, Lianna Erickson

Distribution of Macroinvertebrate Populations Between Pool and Riffle Areas at Four Locations, Robin Erickson, Cindy Sparrow, and Michelle Imes

Contagious Diseases Acts and the Rise of British Political Feminism, Percy Eykyn

Designing an Articulation Agreement Database for the College of Science, Engineering and Technology Advising Center, Stephanie Fasen, Tim Pham, and Susan Hendley

The Impact of British Politics on Irish Home Rule, Samantha Gallion

Mapping Risk Areas for Slope Failure in the Greater Mankato Area, Melanie George and James Worm

Factors Influencing School Success of At-Risk Youth, Abby Geotz Pitts

Where Have all the Women Gone: Trafficking on Women, a Global Problem, Kristeen L. Giese

Utilization of Polythiophenolfor the Efficient Removal of Triorganotin Residues from Organic Reaction Mixtures, William T. Gilles

The Differences Between the Public and Private School Systems in Cuenca, Ecuador, Rachel Goodloe

Analysis of an E-85 Turbocharged Four-Stroke Snowmobile, Andrew Graham, Wade Kahout, Erik Shallbetter, Joseph Wrobel, Kevin Reiss, Andrew McNair, Bradley Bahneman, and Timothy Christensen

Mary Magdalene: Who Was She?, Jacey Greff

Photographic Representations of the Guanatjuatan Culture of Mexico, Nicole Guerre

Moving On, Marissa Hansen, Christopher Peterson, Jake Hjelmtveit, and Eric Hoffheiser

Characterization of Functional Abnormalities in Hearts of Transenic Mice Expressing Forms of Actin Capping Protein Defective in Attracting Thin Filaments to Z Lines, Brittney Harthaus and Katie Schroepfer

Diabetes Screening Among Uninsured and Underinsured Patients Using Random Blood Glucose Samples as an Indicator, Sara Hastings and Julie Boll

Responding to Direct Questions by Adolescents with Williams Syndrome and Their Typically Developing Peers, Kayla Howk, Laura Lindema, Erin Rath, and Amanda Simon

The Irish Famine in a New Light, Grady Hughes

Comparison of Macroinvertebrate Populations at Three Locations After Several Major Storm Events, Michelle Imes, Cindy Sparrow, and Robin Erickson

Preliminary Characterization of Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis Cell Entry Protein, Robert Johnson

Cellular Response in Earthworms to an Earthworm Pathogen, Masahiro Kakizaki

Bank Sloughing Contributions to Fluvial Suspended Sediment in the Blue Earth River, Blue Earth County, Minnesota, Erin King

Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Relationship Between Self-Enhancement and Attributions, Jennifer Kirkland

Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns of Escherichia coli Isolates from Tributaries of the Minnesota River, Lacey Klungseth

Academia is Really Difficult: A Reader's Theatre Examining the Hardships of University Professors, Emily Kofoed, Jamie Kunkel, Karie Menser, and Cynthia Saba

Evaluation of Pharmacogenomics and Its Applications to Biological Race, Emily S. Kofoed

The Sexualization of Female Athletes and the Female Sports Double Standard, Emily S. Kofoed

Martin Luther Stands in History as a Leader of the Protestant Reformation, Nickie Kranz

Trans Fatty Acids in the Diets of Adults at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Kristi Krenz

Testing and Evaluations of Ace Racings 6 1/4'' Triple Disc Clutch & 8" Clutch Disc and Floater, Jason Laimonis

Microcomputed Tomographic Analysis of Renal Microvascular Structure in Aging Rats, Ian Lalich and Michelle Taylor

Ferric Oxidation of Xylenol Orange as a Colorimetric Assay for Lipoxygenase Isoenzymes from Glycine Max, Derek Langeslay

Using Distance Sampling to Estimate Densities of Deer in Minnesota's Farmland Region, Michelle A. LaRue

Gendered Construction of the Female Identity, Julie Lemley