This is a collection of works authored by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Events from 2004

Synthesis and Characterization of Pt(CN-p- (C2H5)C6H4)2(CN)2, Tony Dylla

Political Attitudes Towards the Bush Administration by Ethnic and Racial Groups, Amber Elzen, Mai Inoue, and Julianna Koomen

Characterization of Lipoxygenases from Soybean Leaves and Stems, Ayokosok Enow

Pedagogical Model for Electronic Delivery of Spanish Literature - Don Quixote, Shirley Nieto Flores

Comparison of Different Methods for Performing Sequence Alignment, Tejas Gandhi

The Appearance of Online Links, Laura Gieseke

The Use of Deception to Avoid Conflict in Relationships, Rebecca Gilbertson

Economic Analysis of Small Scale Biodiesel Production, Scott Haase

Analysis of an E-85 Turbo Four-Stroke Snowmobile, Mark Halbert and Reed Hanson

Quantifying the Immunoreactivity of Polyclonal IgG and IgY, Brittney Harthaus

I Just Can't Wait to be King: An Analysis of the Hero's Quest in the film The Lion King, Erin Hebert, Philip Kramer, David Brennan, and Lianna Erickson

Assessing Online Course Interaction Among Learners, Jeffrey Henline

The Making of the Movie "Don Quixote of Mankato: Tale of an American Cowboy", Jinnie Hinderscheit

The Role of Population Size on the Development of Work Ethic and Success in School, Jeremy Husfeldt

Characterization of Structural Abnormalities in the Cardiac Myocytes of Transgenic Mice, Angela K. Huwe

Silvemale Mississippian/Woodland Culture Site: Comparison of Midden Pits Between Block One and Block Four, Matthew Iffert and Shawn Laven

Immunolocalization of Actin Capping Protein Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 Proteins in Marine Tissues, Benjamin Jilek

Preparation of Echinostomes for Collar Spine Analysis with Scanning Electron Microscopy, Angela Johnson and Derek Skillings

"French Mélodie: A Look Into the Past, Sean Johnson

An Examination of Campustruth Advertisements: Are they Legitimate?, Heather Kaiser

The New Expansion of the Growth Hormone, Humatrope - Are you Short Enough?, Heather Kaiser

Determination of the Liver and Fill Pathogenesis of 12alphaethynylestradiol as a Function of Nitrite Concentration and Reversal by Tamoxifen in the Rainbow Darter, Eddie Kalombo

Effects of Race And Ethnicity on Attractiveness Ratings and Individual's Physical Attractiveness Stereotype, Aaron Karst

Performance Sculpture - A Creative Exploratory Collaboration Between Sculpture and Dance, Cesia G. Kearns

The Hero Quest: An Analysis of Heroes Throughout Time, Ali Khokhar, David Nadolski, and Kathleen Crawford

The American People's Response to a New Look for George W. Bush, Megan Kikalos

Comparison of Optimization Techniques in Large-scale Transportation Problems, Tapojit Kumar

Chronic Wasting Disease in Minnesota: Current Status and "Vulnerable" Populations, Michelle LaRue

Study of Vegetative Soybean Lipoxygenase, Teresa-Thuy Le

A Comparative Analysis of Data Mining Techniques Using Health Care Data, Ebede Matayo

Impact of a Golf Course on Macroinveitabrate Populations, Jenny Mocol

A Burkian Pentadic Analysis of MSU Riot Narratives, Joe Mohrfeld

Determining Star Formation History in Galaxies Using PCDM's and Pixel Maps Model, Andy Monson

Rotational Periods of Asteroids, Andy Monson

Mineral-Promoted Degradation of Pharmaceuticals: Aspirin as a Model Compound, Stacy L. Mortensen

A Surgically Induced Low Aldosterone Model, Elizabeth Muellenbach and Jessica Beadell

Bright, White World: Race and Beauty Ideals in American Print Media, Kendra Netzke

Influence of Heterosexism and Homophobia upon the Development of Drug Addiction Amongst Lesbians and Gays, Amy Norsten

Effects of September 11 Tragedy on Muslim Students at MSU, Mankato, Mohammed Omar

Cultural-Priming: A Method which Deliberately Activate an Eastern or Western Mode of Thought, Emi Onodera

Effects of Homesickness on Student Well-Being and their Protentional Success in College, Samantha Ortman

Identification of Proteins Interacting with Actin Capping Protein Alpha Isoforms in Heart Muscle of Mice, Ryan Peck

Case study: Replacing the Open Door Health Center paper based system with an integrated electronic system, Francisco Pinto

Morphological Characterization of Transgenic Murine Myocardium, Peter Polski

Operating Systems Student Simulation Project, Partha Pratim, Jeremy Steffens, and Kris Zarns

Investigating Changing Moral Boundaries Through Tattooing, Nikolas L. Proehl

The Seven Deadly Sins: Examining the Human Element, Rebecca J. Rick

Student Activity Fees: Their Uses and Misuses, Rebecca J. Rick

"Come on Down": A Critique of the Communicative Intent of Game Shows, Rebecca Rick, Cynthia Saba, Ali Khokhar, and Matthew Collie

The Effects of Feedback on Creativity, Jennifer Rye

Autoethnography, Reflection of Personal Experience, Cynthia Saba

The Innate Immune Response in Eisenia fetida (earthworms) to Microbial Challenges, Aaron Schindler

Changing Perceptions of Programming Among Computer Science Students, Abhijit Shakya

Distinguishing Observed Inattentive Behaviors in the College Classroom as they Correlate to Brain Wave Activity Utilizing a Wireless Electroencephalograph, Matthew Stanton and Christopher J. Aura

GST Pulldown Analysis: Identification of Interactions Between CPβ1/CPβ2 and Novel Proteins, Steve Sullivan

Effects of Birdkeeping on Lung Cancer, Anderew Tackmann, Jonathan Hellman, and Jamie Johnson

Ethanol Hybrid, Andy Tan, Ahmed Shebe, Dai Wakahoi, George Luna, and Kazumasa Hirasawa


2004 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

50 Dollars for the Powder Room: Adapting Sexual Content in Breakfast At Tiffany's for the Silver Screen, Jane M. Vevea

Spatial Intelligence and the Ability to Comprehend and Execute Textual/ Graphical Instructions, Anthony Wacholtz

The Women's Health Movement and the History of Childbirth, Roberta Warneke

Nisin Resistance of Baciluus cerus: Preparation of Nisin, Peter Weber

The Two Revolutions: How the Nazis Accepted, Co-opted, and Rejected Einstein's Theories of Relativity, Blair Williams

Correlation Between Health and Stress, Hang Wu

German Reunification in the West: A Process Built from the Political Elite to the Masses, Jonathon Zetzman

Events from 2003


2003 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Events from 2002


2002 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Events from 2001


2001 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Theses/Dissertations from 2000


A Dyke's Life: Sexual Identity and Gender Performance in Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness, Erica L. Ellsworth


2000 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Theses/Dissertations from 1999


An Experiential Curriculum for Elementary School in Japan, Tomoko Seki


1999 Abstract Booklet, Undergraduate Research Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Theses/Dissertations from 1996


The Effects of Conditioning and Gender on Ratings of Perceived Exertion During Physical Exercise, Dr. Roberta A. Pellant

Theses/Dissertations from 1995


Origins of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in the Context of United States Strategic Interests in the Caribbean (1938-1950), Francisco J. Gonzalez Sosa

Theses/Dissertations from 1988


Funding of Women's Programs by Minnesota Foundations, Suzanne E. Runte

Theses/Dissertations from 1982


The Children's House: Review of a Decade of Prekindergarten Education in a Laboratory Setting on a University Campus, Darlene J. Janovy

Theses/Dissertations from 1980


Evidence from Science and Tradition Supporting a Two-Model (Evolution/Creation) Approach to Teaching the Origin of Life, Robert P. Gardner

Theses/Dissertations from 1967


Christian Iconography: A Search for Form in the Paintings of Kaul and Others, Marlin R. Kaul